Drager PA90 Lifeguard Short Duration SCBA

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  • Rationalised
  • Replacements available
  • Designed for short duration (15 minutes)

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Obsolete. Replacements are the PSS 3000 and PSS 4000. Or for emergency escape, the CF15 and ELSA 15 B.

Featuring the latest materials and technologically advanced components, the Drager range of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus exceeds previous standards, provides greater performance and ease of use, and is even more comfortable.

The PA90 Lifeguard is a high-quality, 15-minute, short-duration breathing protection set with full working approval.

Benefits from the pneumatics and technologically advanced components found in the entire PA90 series
Ideal for confined space entry, high-security cell snatch, escape, water authorities, inspections and fire and police command units.


  • The waistcoat carrying system is fully adjustable to suit all frame sizes (ideal for women).
  • All hoses and pneumatics are fully shrouded, including a cylinder shroud capable of holding a 3-litre cylinder.
  • The waistcoat offers chemical resistance, high visibility in use & storage, and a pocket on the front to store/protect the facemask when not in use.
  • Lightweight features, comfort in wearing, ease of operation.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • The PA90 range operated using the exact maintenance schedules & pneumatic parts inventory.
  • Quick & easy cleaning.

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3335891 PA90 Lifeguard includes push-in LDV
R52972 Panorama Nova P (EPDM) polycarbonate visor, push-in front port
R53070 Panorama Nova P (silicone) push-in front port
R53492 Futura (Silicone)
R53591 Futura (EPDM)

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