Drager PSS 3000 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

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  • Enhanced carrying system
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Drager PSS 3000 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus uses the same advanced pneumatics deployed in top line sets used by professional fire brigades worldwide. Designed specifically to be durable, easy to use and lightweight. With the backplate and harness combined weighing just 2.7 kg. The frame is constructed from high strength anti-static carbon composite, able to withstand heat, chemicals and impact without changing form. A highly visible photoluminescent pneumatic pressure gauge is included for optimal safety.

To insure comfort the harness features padded shoulder straps and waist belt.  Using pressure mapping technology the carrying system was developed to follow the natural contours of the body for a cohesive fit, minimising back pressure and providing uniform weight distribution in accordance with the bodies natural centre of gravity.

Medium pressure air supply and gauge hoses are integrated into the carrying frame to prevent snagging and entanglement permitting use in confined space applications. The hoses position can be changed from one side to the other to suit user preference for gauge access.  All components can be easily removed for cleaning or servicing. The harness and balanced first stage pressure reducer can be detached from the frame without needing specialist tools.

For single cylinder use, compatible with the full range of Draeger steel or carbon composite cylinders. Suitable for use with either the Panorama Nova or FPS 7000 range of masks.

  • Made from tough materials -abrasion resistant
  • Pull sideways waistbelt adjustment
  • Designed for easy maintenance and minimal downtime
  • Fast donning and doffing
  • Moulded handles for portability
  • Approvals  EN137:2006 (Type 2) MED and GOST
  • Pneumatic warning whistle built into chest pressure gauge
  • Choice of lung demand valves
  • Electronic voice communications option
  • Available with Pneumatic gauge or electronic TX gauge and integrated PASS (Bodyguard 1500)
  • Size H 59 x W 29 x D 16 cm
  • Available from Norrscope in kit form inclusive of mask, LDV and Camlock rubberised cylinder strap


  • Airline with automatic switch-over valve for connection to an airline system
  • PAS ASV: provides protection should the airline fail
  • ChargeAir for rapid filling of HP cylinder
  • H2S resistant lung demand valve
  • Secondary supply hose connections for rescue and decontamination

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Norrscope Kit: PSS 3000 fixed LDV with gauge including panorama mask
3357794 PSS 3000 with gauge
3358906 PSS 3000 fixed LDV with gauge


3354244 PAS ASV Occasional Fit Airline only
3358850 1 PAS ASV Permanent Fit
3354568 PAS ASV Occasional Fit – CPS for use with Chemical Protection Suits
3358874 PAS ASV Permanent Fit – CPS for use with Chemical Protection Suits
3354405 PAS ASV Quick All QRC
3358868 2nd medium pressure combined connector (PSS3000 only)
3358867 2nd MP connector kit, female low force
3358868 2nd MP combined connector kit secured male/female – low force
3358869 2nd MP connector kit, male
3358870 2nd MP combined connector kit unsecured male/female – low force
3358872 2nd MP combined connector kit secured male/blank

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