Drager Saver CF15 & CF10 Escape Sets

  • Constant Flow Escape Set
  • 10 or 15 Minutes
  • Minimal Maintenance

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The Drager Saver CF15 & CF10 escape sets are used when the air becomes contaminated with smoke or toxic vapours—supplied with a flame retardant hood with excellent peripheral vision to aid rapid, safe exit from a hazardous environment. Soft bag or hard case versions are available for both models. A fail-safe reducer system provides a 15 or 10-minute constant flow air supply with steel or aluminium cylinders.

The hood can be donned by users with a beard or whilst wearing spectacles or protective goggles. Light and compact, it can be worn over the shoulder or as a chest bag. A valve is automatically triggered when the set bag is opened, allowing instant activation. Saving time and eliminating the need to execute operational tasks whilst distracted by an emergency.

When the cylinder air is nearing empty, a warning whistle sounds. The cylinder can be recharged without specialist tooling using the G 5/8” connector. There is no need to remove the cylinder from the bag to view the charged level or remaining air, as the contents gauge is visible by a transparent window.

The SE versions have an elastic neck seal manufactured from corrosive-resistant rubber to provide extra protection against ozone and diesel fumes in high-temperature engine rooms. Ideal for marine environments. Standard CF Savers can be upgraded to SE models by purchasing a kit.

Supplied in Orange bags with photo-luminescent and reflective bands for increased visibility, enabling operation in dark environments or with anti-static bags, allowing use in explosive atmospheres.


  • Little servicing needed
  • Cylinder charging pressure 200 bar. Airflow to hood 35-37 litres per minute
  • Can be wall-mounted in hazardous areas for fast deployment
  • Washable and flame retardant
  • Lighter carbon composite cylinder option (15-minute version only)
  • Charged cylinders or Norrscope can supply empty to assist transportation
  • Tested according to EN 1146:2005 and ISO 23269-1:2008 with CE mark. Anti Static version can be used in ATEX  Zone 0
  • IMO and SOLAS approvals and ships wheel approval (MED)
  • Size:  H 260 x  L 510 x  D 190 mm


Weight (Kg) inclusive of cylinder

  • Hard Case Model  CF10: 5.9kg, CF15: 6.9kg, CF15CC: Not available
  • Soft Bag CF10 :4.2kg, CF15: 5.2kg, CF15CC: 4.5 kg

Cylinder Supplied

  • CF10 Aluminium 2 Litre 200 bar
  • CF15 Steel 3 Litre 200 bar
  • CF15CC Carbon composite 3 Litre 200 bar

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Title Size
Saver-CF Brochure 178 KB
CF & PP User Manual Instructions 2 MB
Saver CF MED Certificate of Conformity 148 KB
Saver CF EU Certificate of Conformity 23 KB
Saver CF10 EN1146 Conformity 18 KB

Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg

Ordering Information

CF10 operation time 10 minutes. CF15 operation time 15 minutes

Soft Bag Versions

3359734 Saver CF 10 with Charged Aluminium Cylinder 2L / 200bar
3359735 Saver CF 15 with Charged Steel Cylinder 3L / 200bar
3359737 Saver CF 15 Anti-Static, with Charged Steel Cylinder 3L / 200bar
3359742 Saver CF 15 SE with Charged Steel Cylinder 3L / 200bar
3359743 Saver CF 15 SE Anti-Static, with Charged Steel Cylinder 3L / 200bar
3360789 Saver CF 15 CC. New version with 3l 200bar Carbon Composite cylinder offering a reduced weight of just 4.5KG reduced from 5.2Kg

Hard Case Versions

3359739 Saver CF 10-HC with Charged Aluminium Cylinder 2L / 200bar
3359740 Saver CF 15-HC with Charged Steel Cylinder 3L / 200bar
3359744 CF 15 SE -HC with Charged Steel Cylinder 3L / 200bar

Saver SE – Upgrade Kits

3359263 Saver CF 15 (SE) – Bag
3359264 Saver CF 15 (SE) – Bag (Anti Static)
3359266 Saver CF 15 (SE) – Hood

Spare Compressed Air Cylinders

3350255 Saver CF 10 Aluminium cylinder 2L / 200 bar
3350256 Saver CF 15 Steel cylinder 3L / 200 bar


3350646 Antistatic Bag Saver CF10
3350647 Antistatic Bag Saver CF15
3360341 Antistatic Bag Saver CF15 SE
3350396 Waistbelt for Saver CF/PP
3350388 Security Tabs for CF / PP (note: priced per piece /min order qty = 5)
3360516 Wall bracket for the Hard Case (HC) versions

Cylinder and Valve assemblies

3350255 CF 10 min cylinder and valve
3350256 CF 15 min cylinder and valve
3310488 Reset tool Saver CF

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