Kane 975 Industrial Flue Gas Analyser

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  • Industrial Combustion Analyser
  • Wireless Data Transmission
  • Weight 1.2kg, handset dimensions 240 x 165 x 65 mm

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Now obsolete, two replacement models are available; details here and here.

The Kane 975 is an industrial flue gas analyser with CO and O2 sensors and a heavy-duty waterproof case. A further five sensors can be added CO2, NO, NO2, SO2 and H2S, meaning a total of seven gases can be measured designed for installing, servicing and commissioning commercial oil, gas or biomass appliances.

Kane 975 stores up to 8000 test results, and the inbuilt low-energy wireless module allows wireless data transmission by Kane Live for Android. A printer app is available for Android and iOS. The battery gives over six hours of operating time from a full charge. The unit also features a high suction double-headed pump, ideal for high stack pressure in large chimneys.

Supplied with a Teflon lined flue probe 8mm in diameter with 285 mm long stainless steel shaft, type K thermocouple and 3m long neoprene hose. The unit has a colour graphic display and measures Carbon Monoxide 0-10,000ppm (hydrogen compensated), Oxygen 0-21%, differential pressure, temperature (inlet, flue gas, differential and ambient). Calculated values are Carbon Dioxide  0-99%,  CO/CO2 ratio, excess air and combustion efficiency.

Built-in over-range protection protects the sensors from damage. Long-term monitoring is assisted by gas trend screens, showing four parameters simultaneously.

Sensors options

  • CO 0-10% high range 100,000 ppm (replaces standard sensor)
  • Infra-red CO2 0-20%
  • NO 0-5,000 ppm
  • NO2 0-1,000 ppm
  • SO2 0-100 ppm low range
  • SO2 0-5,000 ppm high range
  • H2S 0-200 ppm

Probe option

  • CHSLP6 PTFE lined 1-metre high-temperature 1100°C/2140°F smoke probe with a removable shaft. 8 mm diameter, supplied with 4 metres neoprene hose

Programmed fuels

  • Natural Gas (x2)
  • Town Gas
  • Bio Gas
  • Kinsale Gas
  • Gascor
  • Propane
  • Butane
  • LPG
  • Light & Heavy oil
  • 28-sec oil
  • Wood Pellets
  • Coke
  • Coal
  • User fuel (x5)
  • Anthracite

Kane975 Industrial Flue Gas Analyser Base Kit CO, CO2 & O2 supplied with 600°C/1112°F probe, pressure connectors, charger, quick reference guide and case.

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