Kane 988 Industrial Flue Gas Analyser

Code: Kane988
  • Substantial gas measurement ranges
  • Wirelessly connect to Kane Link enabled devices
  • Colour screen

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Designed for Industrial use, the Kane 988 can measure up to 8 gases simultaneously. Supplied with Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen, Hydrocarbon and Carbon Dioxide measurement capability with the flexibility of adding NO, NO2, SO2 and H2S sensors for your application.

Handheld with also enough size to accommodate more sensors. These advanced sensors provide true gas measurements rather than calculated measurements and come complete with more extensive measuring ranges:Kane 988 Analysis screen

    • O2 0-21%
    • CO 0-10,000ppm H2 compensated and with over-range protection
    • CO 0-10% 100,000ppm
    • HC 0-5,000ppm
    • CO2 0-20%


    • Latest upgradeable sensor technology
    • Measure up to 8 gases
    • MCERTS (pending) compatible with optional KANE GCU gas chiller unit
    • Wirelessly connect to optional KANE LINK enabled devices
    • Supplied CP2T probe, maximum temperature 600°C /1112°F. Optional high-temperature probe available

Optional Sensors

    • NO Sensor 0-5,000ppm
    • NO2 Sensor 0-1,000ppm
    • SO2 Sensor 0-5,000ppm
    • H2S sensor 0-200ppm


    • Commission and service industrial boilers/engines
    • Install and service industrial oil & gas appliances
    • Combustion performance checks
    • Combustion efficiency checks
    • Flue draught

Kane Link

All standard Kane 458s, 958 & 988 analysers now include the Kane Link feature as standard. With Kane Link enabled, wirelessly connect devices to your analyser and balance heating systems, check A/C units & kitchen fans or test rooms for CO. Kane Link-enabled instruments include:

Kane 988 FGA is supplied with KANE LINK wireless module, O2, CO, HC and CO2 sensors, and a 2psi pressure sensor supplied with a pressure hose and CP2T combustion probe, CU12VDCA21 charger, 20106 backpack and MSC00017 handset pouch.

Probes & Accessories

  • CHSP5 285mm high-temperature 1100°C/2140°F smoke PTFE lined probe with removable shaft and 4 metres neoprene hose
  • CHSLP5 1 metre professional high-temperature 1100°C/2140°F smoke PTFE lined probe with removable shaft and 4 metres neoprene hose
  • KMCE10 10 metre hose & thermocouple extension
  • KANEIRP-2 Infra-red printer
  • SM50038 Replacement water trap

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