GMI Gasurveyor 700 Portable Infrared Gas Leak Detector

Code: GS700
  • LEL & Volume Gas (infrared)
  • Lightweight & Rugged
  • Alkaline or Rechargeable battery options

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Utilising the latest infrared gas detection technology, Gasurveyor 700 (GS700) is a user-friendly and highly configurable instrument that delivers leading performance in a robust and reliable design.

UK gas utilities collaborated to create a solution that detects Natural Gas and Hydrogen. The instrument detects both gases and is ideal for gas utility applications.

Ensuring compliance

Intelligent data-logging functionality, together with optional GPS mapping, simplifies data gathering. Our Instrument Management System improves fleet management by providing access to field usage reports, calibration history, investigation mapping and many other bespoke reports, making it easier for our customers to demonstrate compliance.

Natural gas discrimination

Quickly determines the source of gas leaks, whether pipeline gas or naturally occurring biogas, saving valuable time and reducing detection-related costs.
Flexible configuration

The GS700 can be configured to meet specific application needs and customised to suit user requirements, settings and languages.

Application ready

Highly configurable to our customers’ gas detection needs, providing flexibility of use without compromising performance.

Application modes include:

  • Gas Leak Outdoors
  • Purge
  • Search
  • Barhole -allows underground leaks to be located
  • Confined Space

Additional Features

  • Optional sensors include PPM, O2, CO, H2S
  • Barhole Mode – configurable
  • Soft-key Operation
  • GDCloud enabled
  • Communication: IrDA & Bluetooth (optional)
  • 360° Alarms
  • Ingress Protection – IP55

Technical Specification

Size: 190 x 98 x 107 mm
Weight: 1.4 kg (Alkaline), 1.3 kg (Rechargeable)
Display: Monochrome LCD with automatic backlighting
Temperature: -20oC to +50oC (-4oF to +122oF)
Humidity: 0 – 90% RH non-condensing
Sampling: Integral pump with flow fail sensor; sample path is protected by a hydrophobic & cotton filter
Alarms: 360o Highly visible flashing LED
Sounder ~ 85 dB at 0.3 m
Datalogging: Capacity: 500 session logs
Session log: user ID, date & time, gas readings, alarms, calibration/bump test data, barhole data, PGT logs
» Log Extraction: Infrared or Bluetooth (optional)
» Location data via GPS (optional)
GPS: Logs the GS700 location (optional). Extracted location data is stored with a date/time stamp.
Battery: 3 x LR20 ‘D’ size Alkaline Cells or Rechargeable Battery Pack
Battery Life: Typically: 15 hrs Alkaline, 20 hrs Rechargeable
Charge Time: Typically: 6 hrs
Construction: Antistatic Polycarbonate ABS with conductive TPE over-moulding
Rating: IP55 (Protected from Dust & Water Jets)
Certification: IECEx / ATEX II 2G (Ta = -20oC to +50oC)
Ex db ia IIC T4 Gb or
Ex db ia IIB T3 Gb (when fitted with a PPM gas sensor)
Class I Div.1 Groups A, B, C, D T4 or
Class I Div.1 Groups C, D T3 (when fitted with a PPM gas sensor)

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Title Size
Gasurveyor 700 Datasheet 398 KB
Gasurveyor 700 Quick Operation Guide 810 KB
Gasurveyor700 Manual 1 MB

Additional information

Weight 0.190 kg

Ordering Information

Common GS700 Instruments
7100000A0001 LEL / Volume (Alkaline)
7100000R0000 LEL / Volume (Rechargeable)
7200000A0001 PPM / LEL / Volume (Alkaline)
7200000R0000 PPM / LEL / Volume (Rechargeable)
7100300A0001 LEL / Volume / CO (Alkaline)
7100300R0000 LEL / Volume / CO (Rechargeable)
7200300A0001 PPM / LEL / Volume / CO (Alkaline)
7200300R0000 PPM / LEL / Volume / CO (Rechargeable)
7102000A0001 LEL / Volume / O2 (Alkaline)
7102000R0000 LEL / Volume / O2 (Rechargeable)
7202000A0001 PPM / LEL / Volume / O2 (Alkaline)
7202000R0000 PPM / LEL / Volume / O2 (Rechargeable)
Hydrogen Ready
7510000AC001 PPM / LEL / Volume (CH4 & H2) + PGT (Alkaline)
7510000RC000 PPM / LEL / Volume (CH4 & H2) + PGT (Rechargeable)
General Accessories
49100 GS700 Carry case (including label)
12451 Hex Driver for Base Screws
49262 30mm Harness Assembly
49392 GS700 Quick Operation Guide
42200 External (EXT) Semiconductor flexi probe
Filter Accessories
12481 Standard Probe Handle Assembly
12358 Hydrophobic Filter (for use with 12481)
10077 Dust filter box of 10 (for use with 12481)
67163 Slimline Filter Tips (Pack of 30)
49218 Hydrophobic Filter Assembly (internal)
49460 Charger assembly (including universal PSU)
14760 Spare universal Power Supply for the charger
49300 Car Charging Lead
Software & Communication
48365 Spare IR adaptor (used to communicate with PC)
Outer Casing Spares
49221 Rechargeable Battery Pack
49243 Battery compartment cover (including fittings) (for Alkaline instruments only)
49241 Top cover assembly **
Replacement Sensors
66066 Oxygen **
65127 CO **
65128 H2S **
66067 Dual Toxic (CO/H2S) **
42195 PPM Semiconductor **
Flow Path Spares
49439 Inlet Connector (stainless steel)
12006 Inlet Connector O-Ring **
12039 Retaining clip ** (2x required per instrument)
49405 Inlet pipe **
49406 Outlet pipe **
12035 O-Ring (small, use with 49405 & 49406) **
12038 O-Ring (large, use with 49405 & 49406) **
49235 Pump Assembly **
49216S 7 Cell Block **
48305 7 Cell Gasket **
48328 O2, CO/H2S Blanking Plug **
48325 IR Sensor Blanking Plug **
67067 Spacer for the PPM Semiconductor ** (min. order qty.- 5pcs)
49256 Pressure Sensor Blanking Plug (Chimney)**
Assembly spares
24716 Case assembly screws ** (4x required per instrument)
24285 Washer for 24716 ** (4x required per instrument)
24931 Cell block screw ** (1x required per instrument)
24702 Sensor PCB screw c/w washer ** (4x required per instrument)
13656 Security Top Cap (black) **
13657 Security Bottom Cap (black) **
13658 Punch for security cap **
13659 Punch locator for security cap **
49223S Main PCB Assembly (incl. LCD & 4-button frame) * / **
49223BS Main PCB Assembly (incl. LCD & 4-button frame) with Bluetooth * / **
49223CS Main PCB Assembly (incl. LCD & 4-button frame) with Bluetooth & GPS * / **
49223GS Main PCB Assembly (incl. LCD & 4-button frame) with GPS * / **
49252S Sensor PCB **
49213 DryCell Battery PCB assy **
Other Spares
49433 4 Button Frame **
49441 LCD **
49237 Buzzer / Sounder **
49440 Hydrophobic Filter extraction tool

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