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  • Obsolete
  • Former Flammable Gas Detector
  • Replacements Detailed

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The Drager Polytron FX is now obsolete the equivalents to the Polytron FX are Polytron 5200 CLICK, or Polytron 5310 CLICK

Polytron FX was a permanent gas detector for combustible gas in the ambient. Range 0 to 100 %LEL. A low concentration LC flammable sensor is was available as an option 0-10% LEL .

Drager’s FX had a choice of catalytic bead sensor or an Infrared sensor fitted.  The catalytic bead sensor had fast response times and was designed to be poison resistant.  For total poison immunity use an IR sensor, designed for ambient conditions where poisonous gases are prevalent.

Configuration and calibration executed by a magnet wand removing the need to open the detector. This means a zoned area did not require declassification during installation or maintenance.

  • Normal operating output  4 to 20 mA, fault indication under 2mA.
  • Electrical Supply 16 to 30 V DC, 3-wire.
  • Transmitter housing:  Powder-coated aluminum.

Ordering Information

FX with catalytic bead sensor, 0 to 100 %LEL; UL version 4543445
FX with catalytic bead sensor, 0 to 100 %LEL; ATEX, CSA 4543450
FX with catalytic bead sensor, 0 to 10 %LEL; ATEX version 4543457
FX with IR sensor, 0 to 100 %LEL; UL version 4543465
FX with IR sensor, 0 to 100 %LEL; ATEX version 4543464
Magnetic wand for menu access 4543428

Replacement sensors

PR, Poison Resistant, UL Version (0 – 100% LEL) 6809755
PR, Poison Resistant, CSA/ATEX Version (0 – 100% LEL) 6809790
LC, ATEX Version (0 – 10% LEL) 6810675
IR, UL, CSA/ATEX Version (0 – 100% LEL) 6811111


Calibration Kit 4594620
Contains pressure regulator, calibration adapter, 100% nitrogen (N2) zero gas, tubing, and carrying case
Please note: calibration span gas is not included in the calibration kit. Consult Norrscope for part. Calibration adapter for DraegerSensor IR included w/sensor.

Operating Manual, Polytron FX 4543449
Operating Manual, IR sensor 9023843


PCB/Bezel Assembly, Polytron FX and Polytron FX IR 4543452
PCB/Bezel Assembly, Polytron FX LC 4543462
Filter/Splash Guard for Sensor IR 6810796

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