Drager Polytron 5310 IR

Code: Polytron 5310 IR
  • Poison resistant IR Sensor
  • Short response times
  • Suitable For Harsh Environments

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The Drager Polytron 5310 IR is a fixed gas detector fitted with an Infra Red sensor for monitoring flammable gas range 0-100% LEL.  The advantage of an IR sensor is immunity to poisoning and longevity.  The detector can be used in hazardous areas and is explosion proof.  Choices of transmitter housing are epoxy coated copper free aluminum or 316L stainless steel. For configuration and operation in zoned areas a magnetic wand provides remote access to menu settings.

As an option the Drager Polytron 5310 IR can be equipped with three integral relays, two alterable gas concentration alarms and one fault alarm.  This allows the transmitter to act independently, facilitating the triggering of alarm devices and/or preventive mechanisms without the need for wiring to a central controller.  Output wise the signal is 4-20mA standard receiving protocol for Drager and other controllers.

The display is 4 digit backlit LCD and can be viewed in dark environments, with 3 status LEDs  (green signifies no danger, yellow is error, flashing red indicates gas alarm hazard).

Installation made easy: Remove the electronics from housing, connect supply voltage 3 wire 10 to 30 V dc into the terminals, via the EX E connection gland or through the seal on the conduit, lastly connect the terminal to the PCB. The housing provides four mounting holes, duct or pipe mount kits are available.

Operating Temperature Parameters- 40 to + 149 °F / – 40 to + 65°C

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Note below part codes can be still used for D and E versions. For all models below which include stainless steel and relay options (both Aluminum and SS) custom code of 8344500 is now in use.

D Versions

Without relays
8344370  Aluminum  previously 4544370
4544372 SS316L

With relays
4544371  Aluminum
4544373  SS316L

E Versions – increased safety includes e-box with docking station

Without relays
4544374  Aluminum
4544378  SS316L
Remote Version 4544376 Aluminum
Remote Version 4544380  SS316L

With relays
4544375  Aluminum
4544379 SS316L
Remote Version 4544377 Aluminum
Remote Version 4544381  SS316L

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