Drager PA91 Plus Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

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The PSS 5000 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus has now replaced the PA91 Plus.

A competent yet reasonably priced compressed air breathing apparatus set. The PA91 Plus breathing apparatus is ideal for use in environments with fire and smoke, toxic gases or a lack of oxygen. Designed and manufactured by the world leader in respiratory protective equipment, the PA91 Plus provides you with the highest level of performance in a simple but effective package.

Comfortable Carrying System

The carrying system has been orthopedically designed and follows the contours of the back, ensuring the weight of the breathing apparatus set is concentrated on the hips, reducing the risk of back strain and fatigue. The backplate is constructed using a strong, moulded, composite polyamide material with carbon fibre and is anti-static, chemical and impact-resistant. The harness is made from flame-retardant polyester webbing, with a centre-adjustable buckle and independent shoulder straps. Moulded handles on the backplate provide greater manageability when transporting the set.

First Breath Activated

The Draeger positive pressure Lung Demand Valve is of a balanced piston design and is first breath activated. This provides a stable air supply with low breathing resistance and is quiet in use. It has a wrap-around silicone cover for added impact protection and is easy to service, clean and disinfect.

The Lung Demand Valve also features a centrally positioned, easily located, positive pressure ‘switch off’ push button.

Complete Compatibility

The carrying system incorporates an adjustable cylinder strap, which can accommodate cylinders of all sizes from 4 litres up to 12 litres in capacity. The strong polyester strap can also accommodate a twin-pack cylinder arrangement. No special tools or procedures are required for adjustment, which uses a secure, proven cam-lock mechanism.

Pneumatic Design

The high-performance balanced first-stage reducer can be used with 200 or 300-bar cylinders and provides excellent flow characteristics using a small, lightweight reducer body. It incorporates a unique, patented safety pressure relief valve and allows for the easy connection of accessories. Servicing is made easier due to simple plug-in connections.

Warning Whistle & Pressure Gauge

The PA91 Plus comes complete with Draeger’s unique medium-pressure operated warning whistle, which provides a low-pressure warning over 90 dBa and is consistent down to 10 bar. There is a fully luminescent gauge, and the whistle warning unit assembly is fully integrated into the gauge/hose.


The PA91 Plus can be used with any Draeger full facemask and incorporates Draeger’s latest Plus Lung Demand Valve.

A range of accessories are available, including:

  • Second LDV Connection / Female Decontamination Hose
  • Decontamination Hose – Quick Release (Male)
  • Twin Pack Kits
  • LDV Retainer
  • Chest Strap
  • Cylinder Covers
  • Storage Boxes

Order Information

Back Plate & LDV:

3350683 PA91 Plus Push-in
3350685 PA91 Plus Push in (Italy)


R52972 Panorama Nova Facemask P (EPDM)
R51492 Panorama Nova Facemask PE M45 x 3 (EPDM)
R54550 Panorama Nova Facemask Standard P (EPDM)
R53070 Panorama Nova Facemask P (Silicone)
R54697 F2 Facemask P (EPDM)
R54694 F2 Facemask P (Silicone)

Carbon Composite Cylinders:

3338639 6.8 Litre 300 Bar (In-Line )
3338638 6.8 Litre 300 Bar (In Line Ratchet)
3338637 9.0 Litre 200 Bar (In-Line )
3338636 9.0 Litre 200 Bar (In Line Ratchet)
3338640 9.0 Litre 300 Bar (In-Line )
3338940 9.0 Litre 300 Bar (In Line Ratchet)

Steel Cylinders:

3335662 6.0 Litre 300 Bar (In-Line )
3335671 6.0 Litre 300 Bar (In Line Ratchet )
3336567 6.0 Litre 200 Bar (In-Line )
3335658 6.0 Litre 200 Bar (In Line Ratchet )
3335659 9.0 Litre 200 Bar (In-Line )
3335668 9.0 Litre 200 Bar (In Line Ratchet )


3339615 Inverted Y Piece for 2 x 4 Litre
3339270 LDV Retainer – push in
3339280 Chest Strap
3310301 Storage Box – Yellow
3310261 Storage Box – Green

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