Drager PSS 5000 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

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  • Compact and Lightweight Breathing Apparatus
  • Mid Range Offering
  • Customisable

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Drager PSS 5000 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) has two harness choices. The Drager Standard (DS) harness is economical, designed for daily use, easy to put on and adjust, utilising advanced ergonomics for a comfortable fit. Providing respiratory protection in IDLH deployment and contaminated or oxygen-deficient conditions. The Drager Professional (DP) harness offers enhanced durability for frequent use. Fitted with stainless steel buckles and long-life Aramid blend webbing to withstand extreme environments. Suitable for professional firefighting use.

The carrying system comprises a fixed height carbon-composite backplate, with adjustable padded shoulder straps and a pivoting waist belt with tailored fit-altered by a forward pull. The waist pad is connected to a flexible joint, compensating for the wearer’s twisting and bending. Both the gauge and air supply hoses are integrated into the backplate to prevent snagging and damage. Rerouting is possible of LDV, gauge and rescue hoses over the left and right shoulders (2 hoses per side).

Universal cylinder strap versions allow dual cylinder use. Further options include quick-connect cylinder connection and chargair for fast filling, enabling PSS 5000 configuration specifically for user requirements. Connections are also available for rescue, decontamination and airline use.

Slide and lock harness connections facilitate waist pad and harness removal from the backplate without the need for specialist tooling. The first stage pressure reducer can also be attached or removed quickly using a snap-fit connection. Hoses are taken off or added by push in and out clips. The single-piece harness and waist belt design prevents excessive water retention. All these features simplify maintenance, servicing and cleaning.

PSS 5000 has variants that include a Bodyguard 7000 with power supply and pressure sensors integrated into the backplate for balanced weight distribution. Cylinder pressure and remaining air based on individual consumption are shown via a gauge or head-up display on the face mask. Alternatively, the set can be fitted with a Bodyguard 1500, which transmits cylinder information wirelessly and generates visual and audible distress signals to alert colleagues of a hazard or man-down situation. Draeger’s PSS Merlin modem can be added, which transmits bodyguard data to an Entry Control Board or Xplore tablet/laptop PC allowing remote monitoring of users. Replaces PSS 100.

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PSS 5000, mask, LDV, cylinder strap & DIN 5/8” cylinder valve connection (kit)
3357845 PSS 5000 DP Pneumatic Gauge single-cylinder strap
3358333 PSS 5000 DP Pneumatic Gauge universal cylinder strap
3358431 PSS 5000 DP Quick Connect single-cylinder strap
3358354 PSS 5000 DP Bodyguard 7000 Tally single-cylinder strap
3358356 PSS 5000 DP Bodyguard 7000 Tally universal cylinder strap
3358437 PSS 5000 DP Bodyguard 7000 Tally Quick Connect single-cylinder strap
3357858 PSS 5000 DS single-cylinder strap
3358338 PSS 5000 DS universal cylinder strap
3358428 PSS 5000 DS Quick Connect single-cylinder strap
3358350 PSS 5000 DS Bodyguard 7000 Tally single-cylinder strap
3358352 PSS 5000 DS Bodyguard 7000 Tally universal cylinder strap
3358435 PSS 5000 DS Bodyguard 7000 Tally Quick Connect single-cylinder strap

Facemask, LDV and Cylinder ordered separately

PSS 5000 Accessories

3356882 FPS 7000 HUD Transmitter Kit
3357098 Bodyguard 7000 Upgrade Kit (Tally)
3363484 PSS Merlin Modem Kit
3355748 2nd Supply hose – female QRC
3355749 2nd Supply hose – male QRC
3356530 2nd Supply hose (m&f couplings)
3358340 Rescue Hose Shoulder, RH
3358341 Rescue Hose Shoulder, LH
3358504 Decontamination Coupling, male
3358503 Rescue Coupling Hose, standard
3358403 MP Combined Connector Hose – Waist
3358406 Decontamination Hose – Waist
3358506 Rescue Coupling Hose, Shoulder
3360481 Valve Guide PSS 5000
3360480 Grab Handle PSS 5000, 5
3360486 Carrying System RFID Kit, 10
3360476 Reflective Pack
R17905 D Ring ( Pack of 10)
3334968 Waist Belt Loop ( Pack of 2)
3339280 Chest Strap

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