List of Reactive & Non-Reactive Gases

Categories: Gas Detection

Reactive gases are defined as gases which, because of their high chemical activity, are easily sorbed (adsorbed) by the exposed surfaces of gas detection systems including detector housings, calibration adapters, and remote sample draw accessories (tubing). Because of their greater tendency to be depleted from a gas sample by the exposed surfaces of gas detection systems, special care must be taken to ensure accurate monitoring results. The principal danger is that failure to use compatible materials and proper calibration procedures can result in dangerously inaccurate (low) readings and increased response times.

Unlike non-reactive gases, reactive gases require higher flow (they will use a 1.0 LPM regulator, instead of a 0.5 LPM) and need corrosion-resistant equipment as corrosive and sticky (stainless steel regulators and Teflon tubing). H2S represents no considerable reactivity.

A list of Reactive and Non-Reactive Gases to help when choosing Calibration or Bump test gas cylinders and accessories.

Compound   Chemical Formula Type
Hydrogen Sulphide H2S Reactive
Sulphur Dioxide SO2 Reactive
Nitric Oxide NO Reactive
Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 Reactive
Ammonia NH3 Reactive
Chlorine Cl2 Reactive
Hydrogen Chloride HCl Reactive
Ethylene Oxide C2H4O (ETO) Reactive
Carbonyl Sulphide COS Reactive
Methyl Mercaptan CH3SH Reactive
Ethyl Mercaptan C2H5SH Reactive
Propyl Mercaptan C3H7SH Reactive
Butyl Mercaptan C4H9SH Reactive
Hydrogen Cyanide HCN Reactive
Silane SiH4 Reactive
Phosphine PH3 Reactive
Nitrogen N2 Non-Reactive
Oxygen O2 Non-Reactive
Methane CH4 Non-Reactive
Helium He Non-Reactive
Carbon Dioxide CO2 Non-Reactive
Hydrogen H2 Non-Reactive
Carbon Monoxide CO Non-Reactive
Nitrous Oxide N2O Non-Reactive
Sulphur Hexafluoride SF6 Non-Reactive
Argon Ar Non-Reactive
Acetylene C2H2 Non-Reactive
Ethylene C2H4 Non-Reactive
Ethane C2H6 Non-Reactive
Propylene C3H6 Non-Reactive
Propane C3H8 Non-Reactive
Iso-Butane i-C4H10 Non-Reactive
Butane C4H10 Non-Reactive
1-Butene 1-C4H8 Non-Reactive
cis-2-Butene cis-2,C4H8 Non-Reactive
trans-2-Butene trans-2-C4H8 Non-Reactive
1-3, Butadiene 1,3-C4H6 Non-Reactive
1,2, Butadiene 1,2-C4H6 Non-Reactive
Pentane C5H12 Non-Reactive
n-Pentane n-C5H12 Non-Reactive
Iso-Pentane i-C5H12 Non-Reactive
neo-Pentane n-C5H12 Non-Reactive
Hexane C6H14 Non-Reactive
Vinyl Chloride C2H3Cl Non-Reactive
Heptane C7H16 Non-Reactive
Octane C8H18 Non-Reactive
Nonane C9H20 Non-Reactive
Decane C10H22 Non-Reactive
Undecane C11H24 Non-Reactive
Dodecane C12H26 Non-Reactive
Tridecane C13H28 Non-Reactive
Tetradecane C14H30 Non-Reactive
Pentadecane C15H32 Non-Reactive
Hexadecane C16H34 Non-Reactive
Benzene C6H6 Non-Reactive
Toluene C6H5-CH3 Non-Reactive
Xylene C8H10 Non-Reactive
Ethylbenzene C8H10 Non-Reactive
Ethanol C2H5OH Non-Reactive
Methanol CH3OH Non-Reactive
Iso-Butylene i-C4H8 Non-Reactive
Refrigerants various Non-Reactive