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Founded in 1959 under the name EIC-Sieger and operating from Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom where it still has a base today. The company was rebranded and named J&S Sieger Ltd in 1961. The man behind the company was Joshua Sieger who invented the first low-power catalytic bead sensor immune to cross-sensitivity and named it Mark 9, designed for use on boats.  At the time, few companies offered gas detection solutions and those that did mainly targeted mining.

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For Industrial Safety or for protection against Disease Transmission such as Coronavirus or just avoiding air pollution that can result in lung and heart problems or cancer, picking the correct mask for PPE can be a research project itself. With many types of masks, different international product approvals and differing guidelines. Here we aim to simplify the process by focusing on the main tiers of disposal mask protection.

Categories: Gas Detection

A fixed gas detector is permanently installed to provide continuous monitoring of plant and equipment emissions and ensure the safety of personnel along with assets. Preemptively warning of flammable, toxic gas and vapour release or Oxygen depletion. Detectors can be installed indoors or outside. Typically equipped with sensors, although some monitors use ultrasonic acoustic microphones for leakage detection, as they are unaffected by wind and weather.