Zareba Sensepoint Gas Detector

  • Supplied complete with junction box
  • Flammable, Toxic and Oxygen
  • Typically 2 to 5 years of operational life

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The Zareba Sensepoint range has Flammable, Toxic, and Oxygen models; all include a junction box with three entries supporting metric and NPT connections. Designed for new installations or retrofitting to existing equipment, supplied pre-wired with a hinged lid for access and is suitable for use in hazardous areas.

Flammable detectors feature catalytic bead poison-resistant sensors that provide a %LEL reading and mV bridge output. Toxic and O2 detectors have Surecell electrochemical sensors that give a two-wire 4-20mA loop output.

A low-cost solution for gas monitoring inside or outside and in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX approval only). Depending on individual site standards, the detector can be installed using conduit or armoured cable and glands. Threaded M20, ¾”, and ½” NPT clearance entries are included, each fitted with an appropriate seal, enabling the user to select the most convenient entry size. Versions without junction boxes are available.

Supplied with an earth continuity plate to combat radio interference. Terminals are suitable for use with screened 0.5mm² (20AWG) to 2.5mm² (14AWG) cross-sectional area cable to ensure minimum operating voltage at the detector, depending upon installed cable length.

All Sensepoint gas detectors are pre-configured at the factory for easy installation and do not require calibration during operation. Their industry-standard outputs allow them to be used with Honeywell Analytics Touchpoint controllers or third-party models.


  • Fire retardant GFP, Ex e approved junction box
  • Ingress protection IP65 / 66 for use in harsh environments
  • Factory set operation
  • Minimal training required
  • All models ATEX/IECEx certified
  • The flammable sensor is certified up to +50°C

Order Information

The sensor should be installed downward. Each ATEX-approved Sensepoint instrument is supplied complete with a pre-wired universal junction box (1 x threaded M20, 1 x clearance 3/4 “NPT, 1 x clearance 1/2 “NPT, 3 x approved stopping plugs, earth continuity plate), instruction manual, and factory-set gas sensor, as listed below.

SPSTAXF1 0-100%LEL Methane
SPSTAXO2 0-25%v/v Oxygen (replaces SPSTAXO1)
SPSTAXC1 0-200ppm Carbon Monoxide
SPSTAXC2 0-500ppm Carbon Monoxide
SPSTAXH1 0-50ppm Hydrogen Sulphide
SPSTAXH2 0-20ppm Hydrogen Sulphide
SPSTAXH3 0-100ppm Hydrogen Sulphide
SPSTAXG1 0-1,000ppm Hydrogen
SPSTAXL1 0-5ppm Chlorine
SPSTAXL2 0-15ppm Chlorine
SPSTAXS1 0-15ppm Sulphur Dioxide
SPSTAXS2 0-50ppm Sulphur Dioxide
SPSTAXN1 0-10ppm Nitrogen Dioxide
SPSTAXA1 0-50ppm Ammonia
SPSTAXA2 0-1000ppm Ammonia


02000-A-1645 Flow Housing Assembly
00780-A-0160 Right Angle Mounting Bracket For Junction Box 00780-A-0100
02000-A-1635 Weatherproof cap for use with toxic detector, including remote gassing nozzle
02000-A-1640 Weatherproof cap for use with combustible detector including remote gassing nozzle
02000-A-1642 Collecting cone for use with flammable detector
90068-A-8204 Gassing Block 316SST. 6mm O/D Connector to Sensor and 6mm Tube Connector to Gas Bottle
90068-C-8291 PTFE Tubing 8mm O/D x 6mm I/D. Per Metre
90068-C-8292 Soft PVC Tubing 8mm O/D x 5mm I/D. Per Metre
X4S-2006662 Field Device Tag Label (Drawing Number 90084-C-7013). 316 Stainless Steel (Supplied loose). 80x 20x 1.2mm
94000-C-1001 2″ Pipe Mount Plate (please separately order 90083-A-8034)
90083-A-8034 2 x 2″ U-Bolts x M6 C/W Nuts and Washers 316SS for 2″ Pipe Mount Plate

Consumables (Spare Sensors)

SPSTAXF1SS 0-100%LEL Methane
SPSTAXO2SS 0-25%v/v Oxygen Replacement Sensor for SPSTAXO2
SPSTAXC1SS 0-200ppm Carbon Monoxide
SPSTAXC2SS 0-500ppm Carbon Monoxide
SPSTAXH1SS 0-50ppm Hydrogen Sulphide
SPSTAXH2SS 0-20ppm Hydrogen Sulphide
SPSTAXH3SS 0-100ppm Hydrogen Sulphide
SPSTAXG1SS 0-1,000ppm Hydrogen
SPSTAXL1SS 0-5ppm Chlorine
SPSTAXL2SS 0-15ppm Chlorine
SPSTAXS1SS 0-15ppm Sulphur Dioxide
SPSTAXS2SS 0-50ppm Sulphur Dioxide
SPSTAXN1SS 0-10ppm Nitrogen Dioxide
SPSTAXA1SS 0-50ppm Ammonia
SPSTAXA2SS 0-1000ppm Ammonia

Spares (Miscellaneous)

SPSTJB ATEX approved, universal junction box with labels

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