Teledyne GMI Protege ZM Single Gas Monitor

  • Single gas detector for CO, O2 & H2S
  • Zero-Maintenance
  • 2-year life

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The Protege ZM is a disposable, portable single gas detector operated by a single button. It comes ready for use with a lithium-based battery, filter and sensor. Models are available for Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulphide and Oxygen.

Maintenance-free, once activated, no charging or calibration is needed. If used in default mode, no programming is required.

Gas indication is via a direct-reading backlit LCD, multiple bright LEDs, and loud audible and vibratory alarms. The monitor includes a downloadable data log for twenty-five (25) events, recording exposures, calibrations, and gas values.


  • Sensor ranges CO: 1-300 ppm, H2S: 1-100 ppm, O2: 1.0-30.0% volume
  • Multiple LCD display options, including real-time gas readings, monitor life remaining, or both
  • 24-month life. CO and H2S versions have a hibernate feature (extends battery life by up to a year)
  • Comfortable one-hand operation, compact
  • Name or assign monitors using a six-character user ID
  • Configurable using the IR Connect Module and software
  • Custom or factory-programmed alarm set points
  • User-configurable bump and calibration reminders
  • Case material impact-absorbant rubber over mould
  • Ingress protection IP 66/67
  • Approvals  ATEX  IECEx UL, CSA & INMETRO
  • Brand Teledyne/GMI. Historic Scott Safety
  • Size H 3.7″ Wx 2.2″ D x 1.3″. Weight 2.7 OZ
  • Supplied with Stainless steel alligator clip for donning, calibration cup, CD with manuals and software

An optional four-bay ZM test station stores data, programs the monitors and supports bumping, calibrating, hibernating and programming up to four monitors simultaneously. Available in both portable and tabletop versions. Ideal for managing large fleets of detectors. The test station is operated by two buttons and is designed to be simple.

Order Information

Models do not include STEL or TWA.

2025937 Protege ZM Hydrogen Sulphide. Alarms[ppm]: Hi 10, HiHi 15
2025938 Protege ZM Carbon Monoxide. Alarms[ppm]: Hi 35, HiHi 200
2025939 Protege ZM Oxygen Alarms [%]: HiHi 23.5, LoLo 19.5

Custom alarm settings (longer lead time)

2026300 Protege ZM Hydrogen Sulphide. Alarms[ppm]: Hi1-100, HiHi1-100.
2026299 Protege ZM Carbon Monoxide. Alarms[ppm]: Hi1-300, HiHi1-300,
2026301 Protege ZM Oxygen Alarms [%]: HiHi1-30%, LoLo1-30%

Instrument (standard alarms) + EAC certification

2030370 Protege ZM Hydrogen Sulphide. Alarms (ppm): Hi 10, HiHi 15
2030359 Protege ZM Carbon Monoxide. Alarms (ppm): Hi 35, HiHi 200
2030360 Protege ZM Oxygen. Alarms (%): Hi 23.5, Lo 19.5

Custom alarm settings (longer lead time) + EAC certification

2030472 Protege ZM Hydrogen Sulphide
2030471 Protege ZM Carbon Monoxide
2030473 Protege ZM Oxygen

Accessories & Calibration Equipment

2025941 Portable Test Station
2025942 Stationary Test Station.
2025940 IR Connect with a USB cable
2025958 IR Connect, spare USB cable
2025957 Belt clip, alligator style
2025956 Calibration cup
2026298 USB memory stick

Accessories for gas application: cylinders, regulator, tubing

2019127 H2S cylinder (25ppm H2S)
2026296 CO cylinder (100ppm CO in Air)
2026297 O2 cylinder (16% O2)
2019125 Fix flow regulator 0.5 l/min
2024511 Tygon tubing 3 m / 10 ft
66118 Tygon tubing 1 m / 3 ft

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Protege ZM-User Guide 1 MB
Protege ZM-System Guide 6 MB

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