Stuart SD160 Hotplate

Code: SD160
  • Maximum temperature 325°C
  • Precise digital temperature control
  • Metal top

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This is now obsolete; replacement models are the HP-300 or HP-400.

The Stuart SD160 Hotplate by Cole Parmer has plate dimensions of 160mm by 160mm with heating across the entire surface area. The maximum temperature is 325°C; power consumption is 0.7kW. The top plate is made from aluminium-silicon alloy, which is sturdy, durable and conductive, providing uniform heat distribution across the plate area. The digital microprocessor controller enables fast and precise plate heating. Actual plate and set temperature are shown simultaneously.

Suitable for use with multiple or one large vessel or microscope slides. The aluminium body is designed to be stable and divert any spillages away from the operator. An independent safety circuit provides Over-temperature protection, and the internal electronics are protected by a corrosion-resistant coating, enabling unattended use. If the plate temperature exceeds 50°C, a visible light warns the operator of the surface heat.

Operation is by the dial at the front of the hotplate. Switch on and off by pushing the dial. Turning clockwise will increase the set temperature, and anticlockwise reduces. This simple functionality allows quick temperature setting and control to 1°C resolution.

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WZ-04805-29 SD160 220VAC with power cord
WZ-04805-91 SR1 Retort rod, 600 x 12mm

Previously by Bibby Scientific.

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Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg



Plate material

Al/Si alloy

Plate dimensions, mm

160 x 160

Heater power, W


Max. plate temperature, °C


Display resolution, °C


Temperature variation across plate, °C

±0.2 @ 37°C, ±1.0 @ 150°C

Temperature stability, °C


Overall dimensions, (w x d x h), mm

190 x 300 x 110

Net weight, kg


Electricity supply

230V, 50-60Hz , 700W

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