Cole-Parmer HP-400 Series (SP150) Premium Digital Hot Plates

Code: SP150
  • Colour TFT screen displays set & actual temperatures simultaneously
  • PT100 temperature probe provides sample temperature control
  • Easily create single and multi-stage programs to save time

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The HP-400 digital hot plate made by Cole-Parmer is for scientific professionals and students requiring a reliable hot plate for daily use. The HP-400 has an LED display that allows you to set the temperature accurately. A warning light that flashes when the surface temperature exceeds 50°C, protecting you from accidental burns. The warning light remains on even when the unit is turned off or unplugged.

The simple body design allows spillages to be easily deflected from the user. The front control panel resists spills, and the glass is chemically toughened for extra resilience. In addition, units feature BioCote antimicrobial protection, which reduces the presence of odour and stain-causing microbes such as bacteria, mould, and fungi on the product surface by up to 99.99%.

Premium interface models offer a full-colour 4” TFT screen, which simultaneously displays target settings and the actual temperature of the plate surface. An advanced control algorithm automatically measures the rate of temperature rise to judge the capacity and nature of samples and then optimises the heating rate. An audible alert sounds when the set temperature has been reached.

Individual temperature profiles can be created, added, and saved to the unit, allowing for fast setup of complicated experimental procedures. Built-in connectivity allows the unit to be updated in the field when new firmware versions are available. For accurate sample temperature control to within ±1°C, plug in the PTFE-coated temperature probe (included) to the rear of the unit.

Tariff commodity code 8419899585. Origin UK

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WZ-04806-48 SP150B HP-400-B Premium Digital Hot Plate, Aluminum, Blue; 120 VAC
WZ-04806-49 SP150B HP-400-B Premium Digital Hot Plate, Aluminum, Blue; 230 VAC
WZ-04806-50 SP150W HP-400-W Premium Digital Hot Plate, Aluminum, White; 120 VAC
WZ-04806-51 SP150W HP-400-W Premium Digital Hot Plate, Aluminum, White; 230 VAC

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HP-400 221 KB
HP-400 Manual 4 MB

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HP-400-B HP-400-W
Top Plate Length (in) 6 6
Top Plate Width (in) 6 6
Top Plate Length (cm) 15 15
Top Plate Width (cm) 15 15
Top Plate Material Aluminum Aluminum
Max Temperature (° F) 617 617
Max Temperature (° C) 325 325
Length (in) 11 3/4 11 3/4
Width (in) 7 7
Height (in) 3 5/8 3 5/8
Length (cm) 30 30
Width (cm) 18 18
Height (cm) 9.3 9.3
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years

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