Radiodetection RD8000 Cable & Pipe Locator

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Radiodetection RD8000 Precision Cable & Pipe Locator obsolete replacement RD8100.

Previously, the flagship model was aimed at industry professionals, designed to locate buried cables, pipes, and radiofrequency checkpoints. Examples of deployments included Oil and Gas, Water, Telecoms and Power sectors.

The RD8000 has an integrated compass that indicates cabling or pipes’ direction. The target line can be followed with the locator, indicating the target’s depth more accurately (Radiodetection’s Trudepth feature). Peak and Null mode are standard, indicating magnetic field interference caused by the land or neighbouring utilities.  The locator includes SurveyCERT, which correlates with the Geographical Information System package, providing stored data from a surveyed area. This can be sent to third parties from a PC for auditing and analysis—storage capacity up to 1000 readings.

Locators can struggle to operate in high voltage or other areas with a large electrical signal noise volume. To combat this, the locator features Dynamic Overload Protection, filtering out rogue signals. Meaning the RD8000 can be used around mains incomers, electricity substations, and rail applications where HV lines are present, approved for use by Network Rail in the UK.

There are two models in the range; the RD8000PXL features a spectrum of passive, active and sonde frequencies and has an individual selection operator included as standard. RD8000PDL is a step up with all the functionality of the RD8000 and a broader range of frequencies, including CATV and CPS. Additional features are current direction, fault find and depth on power.

To control the transmitter remotely from the locator LB should be added to the model prefix.  This feature called iLOC is performed by Bluetooth, enabling the user to change the transmitter frequency and the frequency of  RD8000 to match. In areas prone to interference or where other locators operate, the iLOC sidestep facility allows the user to move the transmitter frequency slightly above the selected frequency.  iLOC allows adjustment of transmitting power and will enable TX to sleep or power on.

Transmitters are TX-1 one-watt low power,  Tx-3  three-watt medium power and the Tx-10 ten watt high power. Bluetooth control is available as optional on three and ten-watt versions only.

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RD8000 Cable, Pipe and Marker Locators

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10/8KPXLM-LOG-UK: RD8000 PXLM, logging enabled
10/8KPXLM-LOG-GPS-UK: RD8000 PXLM, logging and internal (GPS enabled)

10/8KPDLM-LOG-UK: RD8000 PDLM, logging enabled
10/8KPDLM-LOG-GPS-UK: RD8000 PDLM, logging and internal (GPS enabled)

10/8KPTLM-LOG-UK: RD8000 PTLM, logging enabled
10/8KPTLM-LOG-GPS-UK: RD8000 PTLM, logging and internal (GPS enabled)

Supplied with Li-Ion rechargeable battery, mains charger and automotive charger.

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