MSA Altair 4X Multi Gas Detector

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MSA Altair 4x  is now discontinued. Replacement here. Formerly a four gas monitor for LEL, Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Sulfide.  Optional sensors were available for Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide. Its predecessor was the MSA Altair 4.

The Altair 4x sensors had a four-year operational time, made possible by MSA Xcell design application-specific integrated circuit. This allowed the controlling cell electronics to be fitted inside the sensor, providing a fast response and extended life. Sensor output was less prone to radio frequency interference. When sensor life ended an indicator notified the operator.  Battery duration was 24 hours.

The unit could survive 6 metres drops.

MotionAlert indicated man down and instant alert warned others of potential hazards.

  • Three-year warranty
  • IP67 Ingress
  • Fast sensor response <15 seconds
  • Bump test <15 seconds
  • Span calibration <60 seconds
  • Dual toxic sensor CO is H2 resistant. H2S has low H2 cross-sensitivity. Low concentration H2S option
  • LEL sensor can withstand poisons
  • Dual toxic CO/NO₂ and SO₂/H₂S-LC provides more gas configuration options

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Weight 0.190 kg


Altair 4X Obsolete

10110453 Altair 4X (LEL, O2, CO, H2S) Charcoal
10110454 Altair 4X (LEL, O2, CO) Charcoal
10110455 Altair 4X (LEL, O2) Charcoal
10110456 Altair 4X (LEL, O2, CO, H2S) Phosphorescent
10110457 Altair 4X (LEL, O2, CO) Phosphorescent
10110458 Altair 4X (LEL, O2) Phosphorescent
10146839 Altair 4X (LEL, O2, CO, NO) Charcoal
10146853 Altair 4X (LEL, O2, H2S-LC) SO. Charcoal
10126261 Altair 4X LEL, O2, CO, H2S-LC Charcoal

Calibration Gas

10053022 Gas Can (58L), 1.45% CH2, 15% O2, 20 H2S, 60 CO
10122425 Gas Can (34L), 1.45% CH2, 15% O2, 60 CO, 20 H2S, 10 SO2
10143308 Gas Can (34L), 1,45% CH2, 15% O2, 60 CO, 10 NO2

Replacement Sensors

10106722 XCell EX combustible sensor
10121211 XCell EX-H combustible sensor
10121212 XCell EX-M combustible sensor
10106729 XCell O2 sensor
10106725 XCell CO/H2S two-tox sensor
10121214 XCell CO H2 RES/H2S- two-tox sensor
10121213 XCell CO/H2S-LC two-tox sensor
10121217 XCell CO/NO2 two-tox sensor
10121215 XCell SO2/H2S-LC two-tox sensor


10152668 ALTAIR Pump Probe (European charger included)
10153040 ALTAIR Pump Probe (without charger)
10127423 Vertical Multi-Unit Charger for four ALTAIR 4X
10095774 Vehicle charger
10088099 MSA Link Software CD-ROM
10082834 JetEye IR Adapter with USB connector

GALAXY GX2 Automated Test System

10128651 GALAXY GX2, ALTAIR 4/4X, 1 Valve
10128640 GALAXY GX2, ALTAIR 4/4X, 4 Valve
10128639 GALAXY GX2, ALTAIR 4/4X, Charging, 1 Valve
10128638 GALAXY GX2, ALTAIR 4/4X, Charging, 4 Valve
10105756 Smart Electronic Cylinder Holder w/ integrated DFR

Predecessor Model Altair 4 – Obsolete

10092018 Altair 4 Methane [LEL 5.0% Vol]-O2-CO-H2S with MotionAlert
10092020 Altair 4 Methane [LEL 5.0% Vol]-O2-CO-H2S
10092071 Altair 4 Methane [LEL 4.4% Vol]-O2-CO-H2S with MotionAlert
10092019 Altair 4 Methane[LEL 4.4% Vol]-O2-CO-H2S
10092072 Altair 4 Methane[LEL 4.4% Vol]-O2-CO-H2S [mg/m3] with MotionAlert
10092073 Altair 4 Methane [LEL 4.4% Vol]-O2-CO-H2S [mg/m3]
10089100 Altair 4 Pentane O2-CO-H2S with MotionAlert
10089097 Altair 4 Pentane -O2-CO-H2S
10089101 Altair 4 Pentane -O2-CO with MotionAlert
10089098 Altair 4 Pentane -O2-CO
10091474 Altair 4 Pentane Pen-O2-H2S with MotionAlert
10091473 Altair 4 Pentane O2-H2S

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