MSA ALTAIR 4XR Multi Gas Detector

  • 4 Gas Monitor
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Motion & Preemptive Alerts

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MSA ALTAIR 4XR Portable Multi-Gas Detector uses XCell rapid response sensors for Flammable, Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Sulphide gases.

Connection to a mobile device by Bluetooth is possible using the ALTAIR Connect app, allowing detector configuration, text message alerting and transmission of real-time information such as alarm events to others.

Designed to be durable; will survive a 7.5-metre (25 feet) drop and 25 drops from 1.2 metres (4 feet).

Compatible with Norrscope stocked Galaxy GX2 automated bump test and calibration station, which includes the facility to schedule testing.

  • Four-year warranty as standard, extendable to five years (option)
  • Ingress Protection IP68 can withstand submersion 2 metres for at least one hour
  • Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulfur Dioxide sensor options
  • Operating temperature range: -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C)
  • Data logging included up to 500 events, more than 50 hours
  • Less gas & time needed for bump testing or calibration
  • MIL-STD-810G 516.6 transit drop third party certified
  • Alarm triggered if the operator remains motionless
  • Instant Alert warns others of hazards discovered
  • Compliance – visual indication of bump test by LED lights; red indicates required, green denotes ok to use
  • Pump-probe with charger option for entry checks or confined space work
  • Case charcoal grey or glow in the dark – phosphorescent
  • Size  11 cm x 7.6 cm x 3.5 cm, 4.4” x 3.0” x 1.4”, 228g (8oz)

Sensor ranges

  • LEL 0–100 %
  • O₂ 0–30 %
  • CO 0–1999 ppm
  • H₂S 0–200 ppm
  • H₂S-LC 0–100 ppm
  • SO₂ 0–20 ppm
  • NO₂ 0–50 ppm

Altair 4XR monitor supplied with the following; rechargeable battery pack, charging cradle, calibration cap and tubing.

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Title Size
MSA ALTAIR-4XR Brochure 1 MB
ALTAIR 4XR Quick Start Guide 338 KB
Altair 4XR Manual 1 MB
Altair 4XR International Certification & Conformity 2 MB

Additional information

Weight0.190 kg

Ordering Information

Standard configured part numbers, others available, supplied with European charger

10178569 A-ALT4XR-L-1-A-E-E-0-0-G-0-0 : Pentane, O2, H2S & CO. Glow-in-the-dark case.
10178570 A-ALT4XR-H-1-A-E-E-0-0-0-0-0: Methane 0-100% LEL, O2, H2S & CO. Charcoal case.
10178573 A-ALT4XR-L-1-A-E-E-0-0-0-0-0: Pentane, O2, H2S & CO. Charcoal case.
10178581 A-ALT4XR-H-1-H-E-E-0-0-0-0-0: Methane 0-100% LEL, O2, & H2S-LC. Charcoal case.
10178582 A-ALT4XR-H-1-G-0-E-0-0-0-0-0: Methane 0-100% LEL, O2, H2S-LC & CO. Charcoal case. No charger

North America part numbers

10178557 LEL, O₂, CO, H₂S Charcoal
10178558 LEL, O₂, CO, H₂S Phosphorescent

XCell Sensor Replacement Kits

10106722 Ex combustible sensor
10106729 O2 sensor
10106725 CO/H2S two-tox sensor
10121211 EX-H sensor (Heavy Hydrocarbons & Solvents)
10121212 EX-M sensor (Mining: Methane)
10121213 H2S-LC/CO (Low Concentrations H2S)
10121214 H2 Resistant CO Sensor
10121215 SO2 / H2S-Low Concentrations (SO2 / H2S-LC)
10121217 CO/NO2 sensor

Calibration & Bump Test Equipment

10053022 Gas Can [58 l] 1.45% CH4, 60 ppm CO, 20 ppm H2S, 15% O2. Norrscope equivalent available
467895 Pressure Reduction Valve 0.25 l/min
10089321 Calibration Clip/Mask (replacement part)


10086638 240V Main charger cradle (spare)
10095774 12V Vehicle charger cradle
10082834 For Data Transfer; JetEye IR Adaptor with USB Connector MSA Link Software on disc or downloadable free
10152668 Altair Pump-Probe With Charger
10153040 Altair Pump-Probe Without Charger
10151096 Sample Line, PU, Conductive,3M
10151104 Sample Line, PU, Conductive,8M
10151097 Sample Line, PU, Conductive,15M
10160208 Sample Line, PU, Conductive,30M
10152079 Multi-functional carrying case for ALTAIR 4X/R and ALTAIR 5X
10150259 Shoulder Strap (ATEX)


10069894 SS Suspender Clip
10110061 LCD Frame assembly [frame LCD, zebra strips, screws]
10179265 4XR LCD replacement
10105650 Housing: Blank Sensor, XCell Sensor
10110062 Kit: Sensor Gasket, Screws, Altair4X / 4XR

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