Micronics U3300 Fixed Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter

Code: U3300 FM
  • Clamp-on flow meter
  • Installation fixed
  • Simple, fast, accurate flow measurement
  • Overall pipe diameter 13-300 mm (standard range)

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The Micronics Portaflow U3300 is a non-invasive ultrasonic flow meter that clamps onto pipes for closed pipe applications. No need to cut pipes and no interruption to operations when the flowmeters are in use or installed.  Operation costs are minimal, with no in-line blockages and dry maintenance.


  • Flow range – 0.1m/s to 20m/s bi-directional
  • Display: 64 x 240 pixels graphic display
  • Set-up via 15 key control panel
  • Power 86V to 264V AC. Optional 24V a.c./d.c. 1A max
  • Language options: English, French, German, Spanish
  • Accuracy: Pipe ID > 75mm – ±0.5% to ±2% of flow reading for flow rate >0.2m/s
  • Accuracy Pipe ID 13-75mm – ±3% of flow reading for flow rate >0.2m/s
  • Cables 5 metre
  • CE Approved


  • Enclosure: The UF3300 enclosure is IP65 rated.
  • ‘A’ Transducers: 13mm OD to 115mm OD pipes, IP54 with IP68 option.
  • ‘B’ Transducers: 50mm OD to 300mm OD pipes, IP54 with IP68 option. For pipes >300mm a diagonal mode is required, please enquire.
  • Turn Down Ratio: 100:1
  • Data Communications: USB supports most USB 2.0 BOM drives.
  • 3 x Pulse Output: Pulse or Frequency. Opto-isolated MOSFET relay.
  • Max current: 150mA. Isolation: >100V AC/DC/ Pulse for volume flow and alarms., a frequency for flow and power rate. The pulse outputs can be configured, including flow totals, loss of signal, low flow alarms.
  • Volumetric mode: Pulse repetition rates: up to 50 pulses/sec (depending on pulse width).
  • Frequency mode: Max. Pulse frequency: 200Hz.
  • Flow at max frequency: User selectable.
  • 4-20mA Output: 4–20mA proportional flow output; optically isolated 1500 volts, 620 ohms maximum load.
  • Power: 86V to 264V AC. Optional 12V a.c./d.c. 1A max.
  • Data Logging  100,000,000 data points. Downloaded via USB to CSV file and export to Excel. Logs application details, time, date, flow rate, forward total, reverse total, flow velocity, signal quality, SNR, signal status.

Order Information

Part NumberModelPipe Sizes [mm OD]Temp. RangeProtection Rating
910-1100AU3300 A (Mains)13-115-20°C to +135°CIP54
910-1100AIP68U3300 A (Mains) IP6813-115-20°C to +135°CIP68
910-1100AHTU3300 A HT (Mains)13-115-20°C to +200°CIP54
910-1200AU3300 A (24V)13-115-20°C to +135°CIP54
910-1200AHTU3300 A (24V) HT13-115-20°C to +200°CIP54
910-1200AIP68U3300 A (24V) IP6813-115-20°C to +135°CIP68
910-1100BU3300 B (Mains)50-300-20°C to +135°CIP54
910-1100BIP68U3300 B (Mains) IP6850-300-20°C to +135°CIP68
910-1100BHTU3300 B (Mains) HT50-300-20°C to +200°CIP54
910-1200BU3300 B (24V)50-300-20°C to +135°CIP54
910-1200BIP68U3300 B (24V) IP6850-300-20°C to +135°CIP68
910-1200BHTU3300 B (24V) HT5-300-20°C to +200°CIP54
With built-in datalogger and RS232/USB outputs
910-1100ALU3300 A (Mains)13-115-20°C to +135°CIP54
910-1100ALIP68U3300 A (Mains) IP6813-115-20°C to +135°CIP68
910-1100ALHTU3300 A (Mains) HT13-115-20°C to +200°CIP54
910-1200ALU3300 A (24V)13-115-20°C to +135°CIP54
910-1200ALHTU3300 A (24V) HT13-115-20°C to +200°CIP54
910-1200ALIP68U3300 A (24V) IP6813-115-20°C to +135°CIP54
910-1100BLU3300 B (Mains)50-300-20°C to +135°CIP54
910-1100BLIP68U3300 B (Mains) IP6850-300-20°C to +135°CIP68
910-1100BLU3300 B (Mains) HT50-300-20°C to +200°CIP54
910-1200BLU3300 B (24V)50-300-20°C to +135°CIP54
910-1200BLIP68U3300 B (24V) IP6850-300-20°C to +135°CIP68
910-1200BLHTU3300 B (24V) HT50-300-20°C to +200°CIP54
10m Sensor Cable Options
Part NumberModelPipe Sizes [mm OD]Temp. RangeProtection Rating
910-1100A-10MU3300 A (Mains) 10m13-115-20°C to +135°CIP54
910-1100AIP68-10MU3300 A (Mains) IP68 10M13-115-20°C to +135°CIP68
910-1100AHT-10MU3300 A HT (Mains) 10M13-115-20°C to +200°CIP54
910-1200A-10MU3300 A (24V) 10M13-115-20°C to +135°CIP54
910-1200AHT-10MU3300 A HT (24V) 10M13-115-20°C to +200°CIP54
910-1200AIP68-10MU3300 A IP68 (24V) 10M13-115-20°C to +135°CIP68
910-1100B-10MU3300 B (Mains) 10M50-300-20°C to +135°CIP54
910-1100BIP68-10MU3300 B (Mains) IP68 10M50-300-20°C to +135°CIP68
910-1100BHT-10MU3300 B (Mains) HT 10M50-300-20°C to +200°CIP54
910-1200B-10MU3300 B (24V) 10M50-300-20°C to +135°CIP54
910-1200BHT-10MU3300 B (24V) HT 10M50-300-20°C to +200°CIP54
910-1200BIP68-10MU3300 B (24V) IP68 10M50-300-20°C to +135°CIP54
With built-in datalogger and RS232/USB outputs
910-1100AL-10MU3300 A (Mains) 10M13-115-20°C to +135°CIP54
910-1100ALHT-10MU3300 A (Mains) HT 10M13-115-20°C to +200°CIP54
910-1100ALIP68-10MU3300 A (Mains) IP68 10M13-115-20°C to +135°CIP68
910-1200AL-10MU3300 A (24V) 10M13-115-20°C to +135°CIP54
910-1200ALHT-10MU3300 A (24V) HT 10M13-115-20°C to +200°CIP54
910-1200ALIP68-10MU3300 A (24V) IP68 10M13-115-20°C to +135°CIP68
910-1100BL-10MU3300 B (Mains) 10M50-300-20°C to +135°CIP54
910-1100BLHT-10MU3300 B (Mains) HT 10M50-300-20°C to +200°CIP54
910-110BLIP68-10MU3300 B (Mains) IP68 10M50-300-20°C to +135°CIP68
910-1200BL-10MU3300 B (24V) 10M50-300-20°C to +135°CIP54
910-1200BLHT-10MU3300 B (24V) HT 10M50-300-20°C to +200°CIP54
910-1200BLIP68-10MU3300 B (24V) IP68 10M50-300-20°C to +135°CIP68

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