Kidde Novec 1230 Marine Fire Suppression System Spares

Code: Marine ADS
  • Can be used in crew areas
  • Marine compliant
  • Applicable for most boats

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Kidde Marine clean agent fire suppression system was developed to provide economical protection for larger enclosures requiring more extended agent flow distances.

Agents offered are Novec 1230 marine and FM-200 (HFC-227ea). With the patented technology of “piston flow”, the ADS system can deliver higher mass flow rates (2.5 to 3 times faster) than a standard clean agent system. This innovation allows networking of longer pipe runs in complex configurations with smaller pipe sizes to protect larger hazard areas.

These characteristics allow the ADS System to be a virtual “drop-in” replacement for existing Halon 1301 systems. Most installations will require only new nozzles and agent storage cylinders and can use most of the existing pipework—providing substantial savings when retrofitting existing systems.

Clean Agent Characteristics Defined by NFPA 2001

Volatile, non-conductive gases.
Leave behind no residue of any kind.
Safe for use in occupied areas when adequately designed.
Environmentally acceptable to the EPA.

  • Clean, leaves behind no residue.
  • Safe for discharge into occupied spaces.
  • A cost-effective engineered system, providing maximum protection.
  • Tested and approved with all of Kidde’s various detection and control options.
  • Sustainable technology providing an environmentally conscientious solution.

Technical Specifications

  • Offers higher cylinder fill capacities for more efficient agent storage.
  • Increased agent flow rates and distances provide better coverage for larger hazard areas.
  • Smaller piping diameter results in installation cost savings.
  • Discharges the suppression agent into the hazard in seconds.
  • Novec 1230 test in accordance with International Maritime Organisation MSC/Circ.848 on revised guidelines for the approval of fixed gas fire extinguishing systems, as referred to in SOLAS 74 for machinery spaces and cargo pump-rooms.

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Kidde Marine FM-200 1 MB

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TPED Cylinder Valve Assemblies, Vertical Mount Only
1-45-770010-0015ltr cylinder & 1.5″ valve assembly
1-45-770020-0018ltr cylinder & 1.5″ valve assembly
1-45-770040-00116ltr cylinder & 1.5″ valve assembly
1-45-770070-00128ltr cylinder & 1.5″ valve assembly
1-45-770125-00151ltr cylinder & 1.5″ valve assembly
1-45-770200-00181ltr cylinder & 2″ valve assembly
1-45-770350-001142ltr cylinder & 2″ valve assembly
TPED Cylinder valve assemblies C/W Liquid Level
1-45-770121-00151ltr cylinder & 1.5″ valve assembly w/ LLI
1-45-770201-00181ltr cylinder & 2″ valve assembly w/ LLI
1-45-770351-001142ltr cylinder & 2″ valve assembly w/ LLI
1-45-770601-001243 ltr cylinder & 3″ valve assembly w/ LLI
1-45-770901-001368ltr cylinder & 3″ valve assembly w/ LLI
1-45-200601-001243 ltr cylinder & 3″ valve assembly w/ LLI DOT
1-45-200901-001368ltr cylinder & 3″ valve assembly w/ LLI DOT
DOT Cylinder Valve Assemblies, Vertical Mount Only
1-45-200010-0015L CYL GCV80 NOVEC (MAR) DOT
1-45-200020-0018L CYL GCV80 NOVEC (MAR) DOT
1-45-200040-00116L CYL GCV80 NOVEC (MAR) DOT
1-45-200070-00128L CYL GCV80 NOVEC (MAR) DOT
1-45-200125-00151L CYL GCV80 NOVEC (MAR) DOT
1-45-200200-00181L CYL GCV80 NOVEC (MAR) DOT
1-45-200350-001142L CYL GCV80 NOVEC (MAR) DOT
1-45-200600-001243L CYL GCV80 NOVEC (MAR) DOT
1-45-200900-001368L CYL GCV80 NOVEC (MAR) DOT
3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid
1-A7241-101Novec 1230 Fluid, per kg, Initial Fill
1-D9999-003Design (Inc 1 x Flow calc and Drawings per protected space)
Flexible Discharge Hoses
1-2838981.5″ valve to NPT
1-2838992″ valve to NPT
1-D7715-0373″ valve NPT Grooved
1-D7715-0383″ valve Grooved/Grooved
Valve Outlet Adapters
1-283904-1001.5″ valve to BSP
1-283905-1002″ valve to BSP
1-B6782-1773″ valve to BSP
1-2839041.5″ valve to NPT
1-2839052″ valve to NPT
1-B6782-1823″ valve to NPT
1-C3496-301Adaptor – GCV 40 Outlet Hose to Elbow Check 50mm NB
1-C3476-301Adaptor – GCV 40 Outlet Hose x 1.5″ BSP (F)
1-C3476-302Adaptor – GCV 50 Outlet Hose x 2″ BSP (F)
Cylinder Straps
1-2839455 & 8ltr cylinder strap
1-28393416 & 28ltr cylinder strap
1-23531751 & 81ltr cylinder strap
1-281866142ltr cylinder strap
1-294651243ltr cylinder strap
1-236125368ltr cylinder strap
1-23543151 & 81 ltr Cylinder Cradle
1-281867142 ltr Cylinder Cradle
1-294652243ltr Cylinder Cradle
1-06-118300-001368 ltr Cylinder Cradle
Cylinder Wall Mounting Brackets
1-4864855ltr container bracket
1-4864868ltr container bracket
1-48648716ltr container bracket
1-48648828ltr container bracket
Control Heads ( Elect Not listed in Marine Manual Approvals)
1-486500Electric Control Head, stackable,  (for use with 11/2 and 2″ valve)
1-895630Electric/Cable Operated Control Head, 24 Vdc (2.0 Amp momentary)
1-979469Cable Operated Control Head (NON-EU)
1-870652Lever Operated Control Head
1-878737Pressure Operated Control Head
1-878750Pressure Operated Control Head, Stackable (NON-EU)
1-878751Lever & Pressure Operated Control Head
Pressure Control Equipment
1-844895Master Cylinder Adapter Kit
1-6992-0505Male Branch Tee, 5/16 in. Flare x 1/8 in. NPT
1-6992-0503Male Elbow, 5/16 in. Flare x 1/8 in. NPT
1-6992-0501Male Connector, 5/16 in. Flare x 1/8 in. NPT
1-264987Actuation Hose, 22 in. (10 to 200 lb. Cylinder)
1-264986Actuation Hose, 30 in. (350 to 900 lb. Cylinder)
1-877940Nitrogen Pilot Cylinder DOT
1-877845Mounting Bracket, Nitrogen Pilot Cylinder
1-06-129978-001DUAL LOOP FITTING KIT
1-100438Shuttle Valve Assembly  Non UL FM . DNV
1-B5465-610Nut 1/2″-20 37° Flare 5/16″ Tube St.St.
1-B5465-611Sleeve 37° Flare 5/16″ Tube St.St.
1-D9226-018TPED Pilot Cylinder Kit 124 Bar (NON-UL APPROVED)
1-D9226-019ATEX – TPED Pilot Cylinder Kit 124 Bar (NON-EU, NON FM/UL APPROVED)
1-C3466-301Hose to Pressure Operated Device, 1/2″ NPT to 5/16″
1-C3496-304Hose to Pipework (Discharge), 3/4″ BSP to 5/16″
1-C3466-302Hose to Hose Connector, 5/16″ to 5/16″
Remote Control Equipment, Cable Operated
1-871403Pull Box, Break Glass
1-803808Corner Pulley, Watertight
1-844648Corner Pulley, 1/2″ EMT
1-1593-00021/16 in. Cable (100FT length)
1-843837Adapter, 1/2 in. EMT
1-C3494-302Non-stackable Electric Control Head to Conduit Adaptor
M20 Conduit, BS6053
1-C3494-303Stackable Solenoid to Conduit Adaptor
M20 Conduit BS6053
1-C3494-304Cable Only Operating Control Head Piping Entry
3/8″ BSP Female
Ancillary Equipment
1-06-118262-001Supervisory Pressure Switch
1-486536Pressure Operated Switch, Standard
1-981332Pressure Operated Switch, Explosion Proof (Hazloc)
1-B7482-114Discharge Pressure Switch, ATEX
1-874290Pressure Trip
1-875553Discharge Indicator
1-100433Novec Supply Cabinet + Time delay
1-100430Novec release cabinet + Time delay
1-100436Novec release cabinet – Valve release
1-B6726-101Marine Release Cabinet c/w 30s Time Delay (Single Area System)
Stop Valves
1-870023Stop Valve, 1/2 in. NPT
1-870022Stop Valve, 3/4 in. NPT
1-870122Stop Valve, 1 in. NPT
1-870032Stop Valve, 1¼ in. NPT
1-870123Stop Valve, 1½ in. NPT
1-870049Stop Valve, 2” NPT
1-890010Stop Valve, 2½ and 3 in.
1-890208Stop Valve, 4 in.
Check Valves
1-264985Check Valve, 1/4 in. NPT
1-870152Check Valve, 1½ in. NPT
1-06-118213-001Swing Check Valve, 2 in. NPT
1-06-118058-001Swing Check Valve, 3 in. NPT
1-877690Manifold El-Check Valve, 2 in. NPT
1-B6793-774Male Elbow Adaptor, 5/16″ Hose to 1/8″ NPT
1-B6793-304Check Valve 3″ NPT
Cylinder Recharge Adapters
1-878757Cylinder Size: 5 to 51ltr
1-878758Cylinder Size: 81 to 142ltr
Name Plate
1-06-231866-760Warning Novec™ 1230 System
1-C9117-609Label Entrance (Caution) Novec 1230
1-C9117-608Label (Manual Control Point) Novec 1230
Discharge Nozzles Brass
1-45-294711—-1/4″BSP BRASS 180 Deg
1-45-294712—-3/8″BSP BRASS 180 Deg
1-45-294713—-1/2″BSP BRASS 180 Deg
1-45-294714—-3/4″BSP BRASS 180 Deg
1-45-294715—-1″BSP BRASS 180 Deg
1-45-294716—-1.1/4″BSP BRASS 180 Deg
1-45-294717—-1.1/2″BSP BRASS 180 Deg
1-45-294718—-2″BSP BRASS 180 Deg
1-45-294721—-1/4″BSP BRASS 360 Deg
1-45-294722—-3/8″BSP BRASS 360 Deg
1-45-294723—-1/2″BSP BRASS 360 Deg
1-45-294724—-3/4″BSP BRASS 360 Deg
1-45-294725—-1″BSP BRASS 360 Deg
1-45-294726—-1.1/4″BSP BRASS 360 Deg
1-45-294727—-1.1/2″BSP BRASS 360 Deg
1-45-294728—-2″BSP BRASS 360 Deg
1-45-194711—-1/4″NPT BRASS 180 Deg
1-45-194712—-3/8″NPT BRASS 180 Deg
1-45-194713—-1/2″NPT BRASS 180 Deg
1-45-194714—-3/4″NPT BRASS 180 Deg
1-45-194715—-1″NPT BRASS 180 Deg
1-45-194716—-1.1/4″NPT BRASS 180 Deg
1-45-194717—-1.1/2″NPT BRASS 180 Deg
1-45-194718—-2″NPT BRASS 180 Deg
1-45-194721—-1/4″NPT BRASS 360 Deg
1-45-194722—-3/8″NPT BRASS 360 Deg
1-45-194723—-1/2″NPT BRASS 360 Deg
1-45-194724—-3/4″NPT BRASS 360 Deg
1-45-194725—-1″NPT BRASS 360 Deg
1-45-194726—-1.1/4″NPT BRASS 360 Deg
1-45-194727—-1.1/2″NPT BRASS 360 Deg
1-45-194728—-2″NPT BRASS 360 Deg
1-45-294611—-1/4″BSP ST/ST 180 Deg
1-45-294612—-3/8″BSP ST/ST 180 Deg
1-45-294613—-1/2″BSP ST/ST 180 Deg
1-45-294614—-3/4″BSP ST/ST 180 Deg
1-45-294615—-1″BSP ST/ST 180 Deg
1-45-294616—-1.1/4″BSP ST/ST 180 Deg
1-45-294617—-1.1/2″BSP ST/ST 180 Deg
1-45-294618—-2″BSP ST/ST 180 Deg
1-45-294621—-1/4″BSP ST/ST 360 Deg
1-45-294622—-3/8″BSP ST/ST 360 Deg
1-45-294623—-1/2″BSP ST/ST 360 Deg
1-45-294624—-3/4″BSP ST/ST 360 Deg
1-45-294625—-1″BSP ST/ST 360 Deg
1-45-294626—-1.1/4″BSP ST/ST 360 Deg
1-45-294627—-1.1/2″BSP ST/ST 360 Deg
1-45-294628—-2″BSP ST/ST 360 Deg
1-45-194611—-1/4″NPT ST/ST 180 Deg
1-45-194612—-3/8″NPT ST/ST 180 Deg
1-45-194613—-1/2″NPT ST/ST 180 Deg
1-45-194614—-3/4″NPT ST/ST 180 Deg
1-45-194615—-1″NPT ST/ST 180 Deg
1-45-194616—-1.1/4″NPT ST/ST 180 Deg
1-45-194617—-1.1/2″NPT ST/ST 180 Deg
1-45-194618—-2″NPT ST/ST 180 Deg
1-45-194621—-1/4″NPT ST/ST 360 deg
1-45-194622—-3/8″NPT ST/ST 360 deg
1-45-194623—-1/2″NPT ST/ST 360 deg
1-45-194624—-3/4″NPT ST/ST 360 deg
1-45-194625—-1″NPT ST/ST 360 deg
1-45-194626—-1.1/4″NPT ST/ST 360 deg
1-45-194627—-1.1/2″NPT ST/ST 360 deg
1-45-194628—-2″NPT ST/ST 360 deg

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