Kidde AAECU Alarmline II Analogue EN Control Unit

  • Programmable interface
  • VdS EN54-22:2015/prA1:2007
  • Up to 500m of sensor cable per zone

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The AAECU Alarmline II Analogue EN Control Unit is supplied with an End-Of-Line unit (AAECU-EOL) included; the End-Of-Line unit is available individually as a spare part. A separate junction box option (AAECU-JUN) allows the joining of two pieces of the cable. To complete the system AAE Linear Heat Detection (LHD) sensor cable needs to be ordered additionally. The controller provides monitoring of the LHD sensor cable, configuration of alarm and pre-alarm temperatures, and enabling a simple interface to the main fire alarm or building management system.

Interface & Programming

The AAECU provides LED indications as well as an LCD. Internal pushbuttons allow for easy configuration without the need for a PC. Configuration via PC is also supported via a USB connection and the optional configuration software AAECU-PCC.

Pre-Alarm and Alarm thresholds can be set through simple menu options. Initial set-up is done by measuring and entering the sensor cable’s calibration resistance and the three-letter cable parameter identifier.

Volt free changeover contacts are provided inside the control unit for Pre-Alarm and Alarm signalling to a main fire alarm control panel or BMS system. A failsafe opto-isolated phototransistor fault output is also provided.

No user controls are provided on the control unit. An isolated input is provided, enabling remote reset functionality.


As well as monitoring the LHD sensor cable for temperature changes, the control unit also monitors for open and short circuit faults along with the cable, ensuring notification if the cable becomes damaged. It is fitted with its internal temperature monitor, and should the temperature within the controller enclosure reach 100°C (212°F), an alarm will be signalled.

Each control unit may have up to 500m (1640ft) of LHD sensor cable connected to it, acting as a single detection zone.

  • Separate pre-alarm and alarm signals
  • Enclosure temperature alarm

Technical Specifications

  • EN 54-22 Analogue LHD Composite Control Unit
  • Alarmline II EN54 Analogue control unit provided with an LCD and internal control buttons to be able to calibrate and configure the control unit without a laptop
  • Sensor cable length – Min 30.5m, Max 500m
  • Supply voltage: 20-28VDC, Current consumption: Quiescent – 70mA max, Alarm – 100mA max
  • 2 x Volt free outputs (Alarm & Pre-Alarm) rated 2A @ 30VDC, 0.25A @ 250VAC
  • 1 x Opto Isolated output (Fault) rated 20mA @ 50VDC
  • 1 x Isolated input (Reset) requires 20-28VDC pulse for min 5s
  • Alarm and Pre-Alarm temperature range 54 – 100 Deg C (129 – 212 Deg F)
  • 4 LED indicators: Red – Alarm, Red, Pre-Alarm, Amber – Fault, Power – Green
  • Polycarbonate enclosure, Ingress rating IP66
  • Dimensions (mm): 182w x 182h x 90d use only with AAE cable

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