Kane KM9106 Quintox Flue Gas Analyser

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  • Obsolete Replacement Available
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  • Former Multi Gas Industrial Flue Gas Analyser

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Now obsolete replaced by Kane 9206

The Kane May KM9106 Quintox flue gas analyser was designed for industrial use and supplied with two electrochemical sensors,  Carbon Monoxide 0-10,000ppm and Oxygen 0-25%.  CO2 value was calculated, also included were flue and ambient temperature reading capability.

Operated by the handset keypad which had a wired connection to the analyser, complete with protective rubber boot. A four-line display showed gas concentrations and all combustion parameters. Each line of the display could be configured for Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Efficiency, Flue and Nett Temperature and Excess Air.

Up 1926 readings could be stored and transferred to a PC by connecting to the Quintox’s RS232 port, allowing real-time or past data viewing and analysis using Kane’s Fireworks software. 70 selectable fuels were built-in, fuels not included could be inputted, making the analyser future proof.

Calculated Parameters

  • Efficiency (nett and gross)
  • Net temperature
  • Date and Time
  • Excess air
  • Lambda
  • Losses
  • CO/CO2 ratio
  • Poison Index
  • Oxygen sensor life
  • Battery life
  • Carbon Dioxide

Standard features include:

  • Oxygen sensor with 2 years warranty
  • Hydrogen compensated CO sensor with internal filtering
  • Automatic cross-sensitivity compensation between toxic gas sensors
  • Powerful extraction pump – 500 mBar of suction
  • Pump on-off control by handset
  • Durable handset with tactile keypad & data storage
  • Inbuilt printer included for test result auditing
  • Printouts for customised reports
  • Timed print and/ or data storage facility for automatic record-keeping

Order Code KM9106CO: Includes Case and Carry Strap, Hand Held Remote Unit, O2 Sensor, CO Sensor, Battery Charger, Water Trap, SO2 Filter, 5m/15ft Extension, Lead and 2 Paper Rolls.

Optional features included: Varying probe lengths, temperature capabilities 300mm or 1000mm. 600°C or 1100°C and Smoke probe choice. Extended range CO sensor 100,000ppm (0-10%) additional toxic gas sensors. Spares listed below.

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KMNO1 Nitric oxide
KMNO2 Nitrogen dioxide
KM3SO2 Sulphur dioxide
KM6CO1 Carbon monoxide
OS11 2 year Oxygen (green end cap)
KMPS2 (Pressure)
KMHC104 CO2/Hydrocarbon (infrared)


WTS9106P – Removes water to prevent water trap overflow.
KM9106PUR – Refreshed electrochemical sensors whilst undertaking continuous monitoring for longer periods.
KM 9106 HPUR – Automatic switching between low and high range CO sensors. Protects LC CO sensor in scenarios where combustion unregulated -for example, during boiler set up.

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