Kane 452 NO Flue Gas Analyser

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  • Domestic Boiler Analyser
  • Long-life CO & CO2 sensors
  • NO reading

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Obsolete replacement detailed here.

The Kane 452 NO flue gas analyser measures CO (0 to 2000ppm), NO (0-100ppm) and CO2 direct with an infra-red sensor 0-20%.  Differential temperature and differential pressure ±80mbar are measured too, designed for the domestic gas heating engineer for installing and servicing oil or gas boilers. With a kit available inclusive of a smoke pump for oil boiler work.

Operation is by a rotary switch with parameters shown on a six-line display.  A dual pump system for the CO sensor provides over-range protection. The structured automatic commissioning adheres to Technical Bulletin 143 without the user having to select the test sequence.

A data hold feature fixes current results on screen and readings are stored to internal memory. Results can be downloaded wirelessly or sent an infrared printer; both of these features are optional.  The Kane 452 NO can measure combustion efficiency, CO/CO2 ratio, pressure, let by and tightness, commission testing and flue draft.

Suitable for the following fuel types; Natural gas Propane, Butane, LPG, Light Oils (28/35 sec), Wood Pellets, Town Gas, Coke Gas, Bio-Oil, Bio Gas & 5 user-defined fuels.

Tested to EN50379, BS7967 and TB 143.


  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) 0-20%. Resolution is 0.1%
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) 0-2,000ppm, over 3000ppm purge pump operates
  • Nitric Oxide 0-100ppm (low range)
  • Ambient CO monitoring capability
  • Flue temperature 0-600°C,  inlet temperature (internal sensor)0-50°C, inlet temperature (external sensor) 0-600°C
  • Differential pressure (±80mbar)
  • Flue draught
  • Built-in torchlight
  • Sensor life five years
  • Magnetic back for mounting

Calculated values

  • NOX
  • Oxygen (O2) 0-21%
  • CO/CO2 ratio 0-0.999
  • Combustion efficiency
  • Excess air

Storage Capacity

  • 60 Combustion tests
  • 20 Pressure tests
  • 20 Tightness tests
  • 20 Temperature tests
  • 20 Room CO tests
  • 20 Commissioning tests

Operation Parameters

  • Temperature 0°C to ±45°C, 10% to 90% RH non-condensing
  • Battery life >8 hours using 4 Alkaline AA cells. Chargers (optional) 100-240v charger, for NiMH batteries only; 12v in-vehicle charger


  • Handset 200 x 45 x 90mm, weight 0.8kg handset with rubber cover
  • Probe details; length 300mm including handle, 6mm diameter x 240mm long stainless steel shaft with 2m long neoprene hose. Type K thermocouple

Ordering Information

Kane 452NO Analyser Only: Includes; boiler analyser, probe, pressure connectors, charger, manual & calibration certificate.

Kane 452NO Standard Kit: Includes; all of above and adds; KANE IRP-2 Infra-red printer & carry case.

Kane 452NO Oil Kit: Includes; Boiler analyser, KANEIRP-2 infra-red printer, charger, manual smoke pump, 0-300psi gauge, manifold, compound gauge, hose, adapters & large carry bag.

Wireless options

For data transmission to PC using KANE LIVE software or print out data to a mobile device, using the free Kane printer app.

  • BTM/450 Wireless android module
  • BTM/450LE Wireless iOS module


  • KANEIRP-2 infra-red printer

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