Kane 458s Flue Gas Analyser

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  • Domestic & Light Industrial Boiler Analyser
  • Long-life CO & CO2 sensors
  • Wireless as standard

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The Kane 458s flue gas analyser measures Carbon Dioxide 0-20% using an infrared sensor and Carbon Monoxide 0-2000ppm. Oxygen is calculated at 0-21%.  Differential temperature and differential pressure are also read, designed for the domestic gas heating engineer for installing and servicing oil or gas boilers.

Operated by a rotary dial with parameters shown on a six-line display. Purge pump protection prevents accidental damage to the CO sensor. The structured commissioning test follows TB143 without manually having to select the steps. Ambient CO leakage can also be monitored.

A data hold feature captures a snapshot of screen results by freezing, and data is stored. The Kane 458s can measure combustion efficiency, CO/CO2 ratio, pressure, let by and tightness, commission testing and flue draft.

Suitable for the following fuel types; Natural gas Propane, Butane, Biomass, LPG, Light Oils (28/35 sec), Wood Pellets, Town Gas, Coke Gas, Bio-Oil, Bio Gas & 5 user-defined fuels.

Tested to EN50379, BS7967 and Technical Bulletin 143.


  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) 0-20%. Resolution is 0.01% below 1% measured value
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) 0-2,000ppm, over 2000ppm purge pump operates, providing over-range protection
  • Hydrogen (H2 ) ready – up to 20% blend
  • Flue temperature 0-600°C,  inlet temperature (internal sensor)0-50°C, inlet temperature (external sensor) 0-600°C
  • Differential pressure (±80mbar)Kane 458s on boiler
  • Wireless module
  • Flue draught
  • Sensor life five years
  • Magnetic back for mounting
  • Task light
  • Warranty ten years when serviced via Kane

Calculated values

  • Oxygen (O2) 0-21%
  • CO/CO2 ratio 0-0.999
  • Combustion efficiency
  • Excess air
  • NOx (option)

Storage Capacity

  • 60 Combustion tests
  • 20 Pressure tests
  • 20 Tightness tests
  • 20 Temperature tests
  • 20 Room CO tests
  • 20 Commissioning tests

Operation Parameters

  • Temperature 0°C to ±45°C, 10% to 90% RH non-condensing
  • Battery life >8 hours using 4 Alkaline AA cells. Chargers (optional) 100-240v charger, for NiMH batteries only; 12v in-vehicle charger


  • Handset 200 x 45 x 90mm, weight 0.8kg handset with rubber cover
  • Probe details; length 300mm including handle, 6mm diameter x 240mm long stainless steel shaft with 2m long neoprene hose. Type K thermocouple

Factory Fitted Options

  • High range CO sensor (0-10000ppm)
  • NO sensor (0-600ppm)
  • O2 sensor (0-21%)
  • KANEIRP-2 infra-red printer

Box contents

  • Analyser
  • Probe
  • Pressure connectors
  • USB charger
  • Quick reference guide & analyser calibration certificate

Ordering Information

KANE458s flue gas analyser only. Price each £466.65

KANE458s KIT flue gas analyser includes; KANEIRP-2 infra-red printer, charger & carry case. Price each £612.85

KANE458s PRO-KIT flue gas analyser includes; KANEIRP-2 infra-red printer, charger, carry case, GLD/450plus gas leak detector with flexible shaft (nominal 50ppm methane detection limit), KAL1 air/liquid probe -50 to +500°C, pressure hose & 2 x KPCP clamp-on pipe probes. Price each £704.65

KANE458s CPA1 flue gas analyser includes; KANEIRP-2 infra-red printer, charger, GLD/450plus gas leak detector with flexible shaft (nominal 50ppm methane detection limit), KAL1 air/liquid probe -50 to +500°C, pressure hose, 2 x KPCP clamp-on pipe probes, ASP2 Kit sampling probe kit, for checking cookers and other appliances for fumes – includes grill probe, right-angled multi-hole probe & straight open-ended probe. Supplied with 12v charger & large carry bag. Price each £751.40

KANE458s OIL KIT flue gas analyser includes; NO sensor, KANEIRP-2 infra-red printer, charger, manual smoke pump, 0-300psi gauge, manifold, compound gauge, hose, adapters & large carry bag. Price each £957.10

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