GMI Shipsurveyor IR Portable Gas Detector

Code: Shipsurveyor
  • Multi-gas up to 5 gases
  • Fully certified to MED
  • Simple user interface

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The GMI Shipsurveyor by Teledyne is for marine applications with a choice of 8 models. Equipped with an internal pump capable of drawing a sample from 30 metres, making it ideal for confined space monitoring, inerting, pre-entry checking, tank cleaning and a host of other applications in vessels such as LNG / LPG Tankers, Oil Tankers, Fruit Carriers and Refrigerated Cargos.

Up to five gases can be measured simultaneously. Flammable gas is measured by an infrared sensor, which has a long life and is resistant to poisoning. The default calibration is Butane; other calibrations are available: Methane, Propane or Pentane. Carbon Dioxide is also measured with an IR sensor.

On startup, the pump is automatically on for confined space monitoring. Switch the pump off, and the instrument acts as a Combustible Gas Indicator (CGI) for ambient monitoring.

The software enables the downloading of readings vessel location data and the printing of calibration certificates.


  • Infrared (IR) technology for inerting/purging operations
  • Large display – all gas readings are simultaneously displayed
  • Ability to enter up to 300 unique user-identified location areas
  • Rugged impact-resistant carbon-impregnated casing, ingress protection IP54 (Dust protected and splashproof)
  • Battery: alkaline or rechargeable, life 20 hours alkaline or 8 hours rechargeable
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • LCD backlight display
  • Approvals  ATEX, IECEx & MED (0038/YY) – Module B&E
  • Fault detection and reporting
  • Two-year warranty
  • Size: 180 x 95 x 100 mm, weight 1.35kg

All instruments are supplied with a hard carrying case, user handbook, probe handle with dust and water filters. 1m conductive tubing with quick connect, 15cm probe, neck/shoulder and waist harness, hex driver, 10 x dust filters. Quick operation guide, calibration certificate, configuration report, data downloading software CD and calibration Software (Flexical Plus).

Sensor Specification
Gas Range Increments Sensor Type
Flammable LEL 0-9.9%




Flammable Volume 0-9.9%




O2 0-20.9%




H2S 0-100ppm 1ppm Electrochemical
CO 0-1000ppm 1ppm Electrochemical
CO2 0-5%





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Weight 0.190 kg

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48021 Shipsurveyor 1 LEL / VOL
48022 Shipsurveyor 2 LEL / VOL / O2
48023 Shipsurveyor 3 LEL / VOL / O2 / H2S
48024 Shipsurveyor 4 LEL / VOL / O2 / CO2
48025 Shipsurveyor 5 LEL / VOL / O2 / CO2 / CO
48026 Shipsurveyor 6 LEL / VOL / O2 / H2S / CO
48027 Shipsurveyor 7 O2 / CO2
48028 Shipsurveyor 8 LEL / VOL / O2 / CO2 / H2S


48100 Hard Carrying Case
48101 Leather Field Bag
12370 Neck / Shoulder Harness
48120 Probe Handle with 1 m Conductive Sample Line
48121 Probe Handle with 5 m Conductive Sample Line
12358 Hydrophobic (water) Filter
10077 Cotton (dust) Filter – Box / 10
48220 Quick Connect Adaptor (spare)
48142 10m Conductive Sample Line with Waist Harness Connector
48145 25m Conductive Sample Line with Waist Harness Connector
48147 35m Conductive Sample Line with Waist Harness Connector
48130 Waist Harness & Belt Clip assy & 50 cm conductive sample line
12371 Waist Harness (spare)
48223 Quick Connect Belt Clip Assy (spare for 48130)
48221 Quick Connect Conductive Sample Line Assy (0.5 m)
48218 Quick Connect Conductive Sample Line Assy (1 m)
48131 Quick Connect Conductive Sample Line Assy (5 m)
48132 Quick Connect Conductive Sample Line Assy (10 m)
48135 Quick Connect Conductive Sample Line Assy (25 m)
48137 Quick Connect Conductive Sample Line Assy (35 m)
48102 Ball Float with Quick Connect
48103 15cm Plastic Probe with Quick Connect
13427 35cm Plastic Probe
13413 35cm Stainless Steel Probe
12287 50cm Stainless Steel Probe
48110 Rechargeable Option Kit (Including base, power supply & batteries)
48118 Demand valve regulator with quick-connect tubing
NOTE: The Waist Harness Belt Clip is secured onto the waist harness to take the weight of the sample line. It has Quick Connect fittings.


16027 Flammable IR Sensor Assy
48326 Flammable IR blanking plug
48368 CO2 IR Sensor Assy
48325 CO2 IR blanking plug
66066 O2 Sensor
65127 CO Sensor
65128 H2S Sensor
66067 CO / H2S Dual Sensor (Shipsurveyor 6 Only)
48328 O2 and toxics blanking plug
48327 PPM Blanking Plug
48201 Top Cover Assy
47028 LCD module
48226 Buzzer Assy
48300 Top cover
12019 Top cover cord gasket (o-ring)
48301 Front Cover Lens
48302 Keypad moulding
48250 Control PCB (Requires Serial Number)
48205 Sensor Block Assy
48304 Sensor block top cover
48251 Sensor PCB Assembly
48305 Sensor block 7 cell gasket
48230 Sensor block base assy c/w cell gasket
48209 Main cable assy
48202 Middle Section Assy
48207 Pump Assy
48215 Inlet pipe Assy
12358 Internal Hydrophobic Filter Assy
42017 Outlet Nozzle
12039 Retaining Clip
12086 Centre case cord gasket (o-ring)
12038 O-ring
42745 O-ring
48204 Battery Block Assy
47280 Rechargeable Batteries (pack of 2)
48211 Battery Cover Assy
75040 O-ring
* NOTE: Customer needs to advise software version of their instrument as sensor PCB needs to have the same software as the main PCB

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