Drager X-plore RD90 Filters

  • Protection from particles & gases
  • CE-marked in accordance with EN 14387 & EN 143
  • Each filter is separately packed

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Quality filters with Drager-specific connection Rd91. According to EN 143:2000 and EN14387.

Clean air for tough jobs. The Drager X-plore Rd90 series filters protect from hazardous gases and vapours, have a long life and can be used for many different masks.

Extensive filter range

The Drager X-plore Rd90 filter series offers an extensive range of various filter types for all major applications and protects against many gases and vapours.

Universal fit

The filters have been designed for the X-plore 4790. The 40/90 filter box adapter can also be used for any mask with an Rd40 connection in accordance with EN 148-1.

Long life

The gas filters and combination filters have a shelf-life of 6 years, and the particle filters have a shelf-life of 12 years from the date of manufacture.

Individual packaging

The filters are packed individually to ensure optimum protection of the unused filter.

Supporting filter selection

The Drager VOICE database of hazardous substances offers comprehensive support for selecting filters.

Aluminum housing

The aluminium housing ensures that any damage to the filter is easily detected, therefore providing extra security.

Order Information

Particle Filters

6736705 990 Coarse dust filter
6737357 990 P2 R
6737190 990 P3 R

Gas Filters

6738865 990 A1
6738866 990 A2

Combination Filters

6738867 990 A1 P2 R D
6738869 990 A1 P3 R D
6738870 990 A2 P3 R D
6738774 990 A1B1 P2 R D
6738771 990 A2B2 P2 R D
6738773 990 A2B2 P3 R D
6738811 990 A1B1E1K1 P2 R D
6738812 990 A1B1E1K1 Hg P3 R D


R55015 Filterbox 40/90 (Adapter)

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Rd90 Filters Datasheet 90 KB

Additional information

Weight 0.190 kg

Filter Colour Coding

Color Filter Type Main field of application
Brown A Gases and vapors of organic compounds with boiling point > 65 °C
Grey B inorganic gases and vapors, e.g. chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen cyanide
Yellow E Sulphur dioxide, hydrogen chloride
Green K Ammonia
Red Hg Mercury vapor
White P Particles

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