Drager X-plore 6530 Full Face Mask

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  • Full face respirator mask
  • EPDM body, visor made of triplex or PC
  • ​Filter thread connection Rd40 (EN 148-1)

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Drager X-plore 6530 is a full face mask for professionals in a variety of industries. Compatible with the full range of RD40 respiratory filters.

The mask is made of tough and hypoallergenic EPDM. A double-layer face seal with threefold sealing edges provides a safe, secure and comfortable fit on just about any face shape.  The mask comes in a universal “one size fits all”, making logistics and storage easy. The five-point head harness not only ensures that the mask can be donned easily and quickly, but is wide enough to eliminate all pressure points on the head.

The visor is wide-angle, allowing a 180° view giving the user a large field of vision. Choose between a lens made from impact-proof polycarbonate (with either a plastic or stainless steel lens frame) or an extremely scratch-resistant Triplex lens with high chemical resistance (with stainless steel lens frame).

The visor remains fog-free due to the effective ventilation system with a separate inner mask. An integrated stainless steel voice diaphragm facilitates communication. Supplied with a neck strap for carrying.

Inside the mask is a barcode for logging inventories and servicing.

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R55795 X-plore 6530 PC
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