Drager Polytron 8100 EC

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  • Toxic or O2
  • Smart Sensors
  • Digital & Analogue Outputs

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The Polytron 8100 EC is the high-end offering from Drager for Toxic and Oxygen continuous gas detection. Choose from 100 smart electrochemical sensors, each being pre-calibrated with setting data stored, enabling sensors to be swapped with new ones. Measuring ranges can be customised. The sensors boast a wide temperature and humidity range between -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +150°F).

An explosion and flameproof detector suitable for hazardous areas. The Polytron 8100 comes complete with a 4-20mA output also Modbus and Fieldbus, enabling interaction with most building management and control systems.

For detection in challenging to access areas, a remote sensor option is available. The transmitter features an intrinsically safe port for connection, which removes the need for conduit installation and allows for sensor swaps without cutting power or making the area safe. E versions make installation easier in hazardous areas by the inclusion of a docking station.

An optional three-way relay, allows alarms and configuration to be adjusted at the point of detection, removing the need for wiring to a controller elsewhere.

The detector comes with a dongle for event and data logging, further dongles allow for sensor self-test, assisting preventive maintenance. An additional sensor diagnosis dongle estimates remaining sensor lifespan.

  • Power required for operation:  10 to 30 V DC, 3-wire
  • Housing epoxy coated copper-free aluminium or stainless steel SS316
  • Backlit graphic LCD; 3 Status LEDs (green/yellow/red)

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D Model   4-20/HART 8344403 or with Relay  8344404. Aluminium housing
E Model  4-20/HART 8344421 or with Relay both include Docking Station 8344422. Aluminium housing
D Model  4-20/HART 8344412 or with Relay  8344413. Stainless Steel housing
Drager Polytron 8xx0 Kit 8344800 (Custom configuration part number)

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