Drager Polytron 5000

Code: Polytron 5000
  • Toxic Gas & O2
  • 4-20mA output
  • Two housing options

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Now replaced by the Polytron 5100.

The Drager Polytron 5000 is a microprocessor-based Explosion-proof transmitter for continuous monitoring designed to accept electrochemical sensors for Oxygen and Toxic gases. For routine maintenance or configuration, the magnetic wand removes the need to open the detector; no handheld terminal is required, meaning the area does not have to be made safe/declassified.

The transmitter features a three-digit LCD display. Menus have been kept to a minimum within the detector’s software to enable simple operation. As part of the 5000 series, design and features are universal, establishing a standard operation mode for all detectors, meaning less time and cost for training.

Calibration and configuration data are stored within the sensors, making replacement simple and allowing one-person calibration.

Polytron 5000 is made from epoxy-coated copper-free aluminium or, for harsh environments, stainless steel 316. Four mounting holes are included for wall mounting; alternatively, duct and pipe mounting sets are available.

The output signal is the industry standard 4 to 20 mA for use with a Drager or third-party controller.

  • Supply Voltage 16 to 30 VDC, 2-wire
  • Operating Temperature -40 to + 150 °F / – 40 to + 65 °C

Order Information

4544120 Aluminum enclosure without sensor; UL, CSA, ATEX
4544122 316L stainless steel enclosure without sensor; UL, CSA, ATEX
4544165 Aluminum enclosure without sensor; general purpose


4544101 Magnetic wand for menu access (blue body, white logo)
4544198 Pipe Mount Kit
6812725 Duct Mount Kit
6812510 Splash Guard
4509314 Calibration Adapter PE
6806978 Calibration Adapter PE, Europe
6810536 Calibration Adapter Viton


6809630 Sensor O2 LS
6809605 Sensor CO
6810435 Sensor H2S zero-bias
6809610 Sensor H2S LC
6809710 Sensor H2S HC
6809685 Sensor H2
6809665 Sensor Cl2
6810740 Sensor EO
6809680 Sensor NH3 LC
6809645 Sensor NH3 HC
6809625 Sensor NO
6809655 Sensor NO2
6809660 Sensor SO2
6809705 Sensor H2O2 LC

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