Drager Polytron 5100 EC

Code: 8344860
  • Toxic gases or Oxygen
  • Enhanced safety versions
  • Intrinsically safe sensor changing

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The Drager Polytron 5100 EC is an explosion-proof transmitter for toxic gases or oxygen monitoring continuously. Accepting plug and play electrochemical sensors (EC). Sensors are pre-calibrated for fast installation and have broad temperature capability (-40°C to +65°C). Sensor connection is intrinsically safe, allowing swapping without area declassification. The transmitter can connect with a remote sensor without running conduit; for this option, 30 metres of cabling are included.

As part of the 5000 family, the Polytron 5100 has the same interface allowing familiarity of operation based universal design, making training and maintenance more efficient in time and cost.  Non-intrusive access to the detector menus is possible using a magnetic wand. With three-wire power, the display is backlight four-digit, nine segments.  Measurements are shown with units, status indication via coloured LEDs (green, yellow and red) and warning messages.

Versions are available equipped with three integrated relays to enable operation as an independent gas detection system.  Two configurable gas concentration alarms and one fault alarm, allowing activation of visible or audible warning devices without cabling to a central controller.

Enhanced Safety (e) version includes a docking station assisting installation in hazardous areas without the need for conduit (where agreed). There are two choices of housing, epoxy coated copper-free aluminium or stainless steel, for aggressive environments.

  • Power supply three-wire (10 to 30 Vdc) or two-wire (18 to 30 Vdc)
  • Output 4-20mA  two or three-wire
  • Approvals; ATEX, UL, CSA & IECEx

Order Information

The custom part number for Stainless Steel and relay versions are now in use, 8344500; previous parts below are still recognised.

Without relays

8344860 Aluminium d, previous 4544860
8344862 SS316L d, previous 4544862
8344124 Aluminium e inclusive of a docking station, previous 4544124
8344126 Stainless Steel e inclusive of a docking station, previous 4544126

With relays

8344121 Aluminium d, previous 4544121
8344123 SS316L d, previous 4544123
8344125 Aluminium e inclusive of a docking station, previous 4544125
8344127 Stainless Steel e inclusive of a docking station, previous 4544127

Installation Accessories

4544101 Magnetic wand for menu access (blue body, white logo)
4544198 Pipe Mount Kit
6812725 Duct Mount Kit
8317617 Duct Mount Adapter for Remote EC Sensing Head
6812684 EC Sensing Head Remote w/ mount kit
6812695 MEC Sensor Adapter
4544197 IR Connection Kit Polytron 5000/8000 Series
8323405 PolySoft Configuration Software
8323411 PolySoft Premium

Connection cable w/ plug for Remote EC Sensing Head

8323305 16 ft / 5 m
8323315 49 ft / 15 m
8323330 98 ft / 30 m


6809665 Cl2
6809605 CO
6809685 H2
6809705 H2O2 LC
6810435 H2S
6809710 H2S HC
6809610 H2S LC
6809645 NH3 HC
6809680 NH3 LC
6809625 NO LC
6809655 NO2
6809630 O2 LS
6810740 OV1
6809695 PH3/AsH3
6809660 SO2


6812510 Splash guard
4509314 Gasing Adapter PE (with a hose)
6806978 Gasing Adapter PE (without hose)
6810536 Calibration Adapter Viton


4544183 Bezel
4544186 PCB Main with Bezel
4544297 Relay PCB
6812839 PCB Docking Station
4544182 Feed-through 3 Wires
4544169 Feed-through 9 Wires
4544167 Hardware Kit Enclosure
6812838 Hardware Kit Docking Station
6812868 Cable Gland Docking Station
4544367 Galvanic Isolator
4544368 Sensor Circuit Board (EC Sensing Head Local)
4544369 Sensor Circuit Board (EC Sensing Head Remote)
4544366 Bayonet Ring

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