Drager PA94 Plus Basic Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

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  • Advanced breathing apparatus for professional applications

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Now obsolete, the replacement is the PSS 7000.

The PA94 Plus Basic was developed using Draeger’s world-proven pneumatics and advanced components, providing exceptional wearer comfort and manoeuvrability in the most demanding conditions.

Comfortable Carrying System

The PA94 Plus Basic has an orthopedically designed, anti-static backplate made from a high-strength chemical and impact-resistant moulded composite material.

The set has padded shoulder straps to provide the wearer with extra comfort, and by adding the optional comfort waist pad, weight is concentrated at the body’s centre of gravity – the hips – to reduce back strain, stress and fatigue.

The shoulder and optional comfort waist pads are constructed from a closed-cell foam inner core with high aramid content covering material. The harness is made from Polyester and Modacrylic/Kevlar to give a balanced combination of strength and temperature resistance. There is a simple pull sideways adjustment for the waistbelt with a connected polyamide buckle and independent shoulder adjusting straps.

Moulded handles on the backplate provide greater manageability when transporting the set.

Cylinder Strap

The universal cylinder strap on the PA94 Plus Basic can accommodate all cylinder configurations from 4.0-litre steel to Draeger’s own 9.0-litre 200 and 300-bar carbon composite designs. There is a secure, proven cam-lock mechanism and a composite material strap for strength and reliability. No tools are required for adjustment.

Plus, Lung Demand Valve

The Plus Lung Demand Valve provides a stable and consistent supply of air on demand, is extremely quiet in use and is positive pressure, first breath activated.

It comes with a wrap-around silicone cover for added impact protection and is easy to service, clean and disinfect. A ‘switch off’ push button is centrally positioned and contoured for easier location.

The PA94 Plus Basic is available with either a fixed Lung Demand Valve or a Quick Release Coupling, depending upon user preference.


The system incorporates a high-performance balanced first-stage pressure reducer with excellent flow characteristics for 200 or 300-bar cylinders. The reducer body is small and lightweight, and hose connections allow easy servicing. It has a unique safety pressure relief valve and ChargAir quick-fill connector port. The reducer is service-free for six years.

Order Information

3350687 Cylinder Connector DIN. LDV connect Push In
3350688 Cylinder Connector DIN. LDV connect M45
3350689 Cylinder Connector DIN. LDV connect M40
3350692 Waist Pad. Cylinder Connector DIN. LDV connect Push In
3338913 With Quick Release Coupling. Cylinder Connector DIN
3338914 With Quick Release Coupling. Japan
3338915 With Quick Release Coupling. France
3338916 With Quick Release Coupling. Italy
3350206 Waist Pad. With Quick Release Coupling. Cylinder Connector DIN
3350207 Waist Pad. With Quick Release Coupling. Cylinder Connector DIN
3350288 Waist Pad. With Quick Release Coupling. Italy


R52972 Panorama Nova P (EPDM)
R51492 Panorama Nova PE (M45x3)EPDM
R52850 Panorama Nova RA (M40) EPDM
R53070 Panorama Nova (Silicone)
R54692 F2 RA (EPDM)
R54697 F2 P (EPDM)
R54690 F2 RA (Silicone)
R54694 F2 P (Silicone)


3337510 Comfort Waist Pad
3337600 Airline Belt Manifold (for use with airline only)
3339270 LDV Retainer (push-in)
3337650 Second LDV Connection/Female Decontamination Hose
3337652 Decontamination Hose Quick Release Male
3334968 Personal Line Loop
3335241 Shoulder D Ring Loop3337662 T Piece (for 2 x 6.8 litre 300 bar carbon cylinders)
3339615 Inverted Y Piece (for 2 x 4 litre 200 bar cylinders)
3338700 LDV Short Hose push-in
3338709 LDV Short Hose M40
3338706 LDV Short Hose M45 x 3
3310619 PVC Cylinder Cover 6.8L 300 Bar
3310620 PVC Cylinder Cover 9.0L 200 Bar
3310621 PVC Cylinder Cover 9.0L 300 Bar

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