Drager PSS 7000 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

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The Drager PSS 7000 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus is designed for professionals giving respiratory protection in all IDLH applications. The PSS 7000 has a three-point height-adjustable carbon composite backplate with a sliding swivelling waist belt for a tailored fit. Compatible with the full Drager cylinder range. A Nomex band with Camlock fastening is provided for single-cylinder use; two cylinders can also be added (choose universal cylinder strap versions).

Shoulder and waist belt padding are comfortable and highly durable, featuring a secure, high-friction surface to reduce slippage. Quick-release pneumatics, shoulder and waist belt assemblies ensure easy service, cleaning, and maintenance.

Breathing hoses are integrated into the backplate to avoid snagging and entanglement. Reflective and photo-luminescent hose sleeves for improved visibility.

The PSS 7000 is built to withstand frequent use and extended wear. With long-lasting Aramid blend webbing and durable stainless steel buckles.

The PSS 7000 can be fitted with a standard gauge or transmitting one, allowing use by Bodyguard 7000 or Bodyguard 1500. Both devices provide distress signals and communicate real-time information on cylinder pressure and time by a handheld electronic gauge and display or a facemask-mounted head-up display and have data logging capability.

An optional Quick-Connect facility allows a cylinder change in seconds by a push connection. Connections are also available for rescue, decontamination and airline use.

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PSS 7000, mask, LDV, cylinder strap & DIN 5/8” cylinder valve connection (Kit)
3355068 PSS 7000 with Gauge (single-cylinder strap)
3356679 PSS 7000 with Bodyguard 7000 (single-cylinder strap)
3355930 PSS 7000 with Gauge (univ. cylinder strap)
3356680 PSS 7000 with Bodyguard 7000 (univ. cylinder strap)
3360958 PSS 7000 SCS with TX Gauge
3360959 PSS 7000 TCS with TX Gauge
3360960 PSS 7000 QC SCS with TX Gauge
3360962 PSS 7000 SCS with TX gauge & Bodyguard 1500 PASS
3360963 PSS 7000 TCS with TX Gauge & Bodyguard 1500 PASS
3360964 PSS 7000 QC SCS with TX Gauge & Bodyguard 1500 PASS 3

Facemask, LDV and Cylinder ordered separately


3355748 Second LDV connection/Decontamination hose (female)
3355749 Decontamination hose (male)
3360486 Carrying System RFID Kit (10)
3360476 Reflective Pack

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