Detcon Model DM-534 Oxygen Sensor Spares

Code: DM-534C
  • Obsolete
  • Former O2 gas detector
  • Electrochemical sensor

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The Detcon DM-534 models are discontinued replacements are detailed here and pictured. Below is a list of spares parts available for maintenance and calibration.

The sensor is designed to detect and monitor O2 in the air over the range of 0-25% by volume. The sensor assembly consists of an electrochemical
fuel cell mounted in a stainless steel housing that includes a splashguard with an integral calibration port, a signal conditioning control transmitter circuit, a base connector board and an explosion-proof junction box.

The operator interface is via a small handheld magnet. One of the main features is the embedded intuitive software that guides the user through routine calibration, and configuration menus using a built-in LED alpha/numeric display.

Two choices of MicroSafe detector

965-345420-025 Model DM-534 in Aluminum Junction Box
965-34542B-025 Model DM-534 in Stainless Steel Junction Box


  • cCSAus Approved: Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C, & D
  • 4-20 mA output
  • Simple menu-driven calibration – takes less than 3 minutes
  • Backlit LCD and LED indicators for FAULT and CAL status
  • Plug-in field-replaceable transmitter
  • Electrochemical plug-in sensor
  • Embedded temperature compensation provides direct correction to changes in ambient temperature
  • 2-year expected sensor life in air with 20.9% Oxygen

Spare Parts  

370-399100-000 Oxygen field replaceable plug-in sensor 400/500/600 series
925-345400-025 Plug-in transmitter control module (Model DM-534)
500-005065-007 Standard connector board Model series 400 & 500 sensors
399-200000-000 Stainless steel sensor housing with insert and flame arrestor
330-X50000-000 Field Replaceable sintered stainless steel flame arrestor
613-120000-700 Sensor splash guard with integral cal-port – FP/DM/IR
943-000006-132 Calibration adapter FP/IR/DM/O2
975-000020-892 Sensor Duct Mount Kit – DM Series
612-400000-000 Sensor/Sintered Filter replacement wrench FP/DM/IR
943-002273-000 Harsh location dust guard (fits 1.5 x 18 thread)
033-003238-000 Harsh location dust guard replacement filter for 1.5 x 18 thread (Sold in a pack of qty 20)


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