Crowcon Sensitron Multiscan++MED Control Panel

  • Marine, ATEX and SIL2 certified
  • Up to 2 closed RS485 (EIA-485) galvanic isolated loops
  • Up to 64 inputs

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The Multiscan++MED control panel can manage and monitor up to 64 gas detectors. It has been purposely designed and certified to meet the requirements of the marine industry, certified by the Lloyd’s Register in accordance with the MED/3.54 Regulation.


The system’s powerful microprocessor allows a wide range of self-testing facilities to detect and localise possible failures.

Highly flexible

The system architecture includes 8 preset relays onboard the units and the possibility of a further 128 open collector outputs via remote STG/OUT16-S2 output cards.

Marine, ATEX and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) certified

The Multiscan++MED system has been certified by the Lloyd’s Register in accordance with MED/3.54 Regulation and is ATEX and SIL2 certified.

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CRMTS/S2-64MED MULTISCAN++MED SIL2 and MED-approved gas control panel.1 x RS485 type closed loop. 8+8 4-20 mA gas detectors are directly connected to the panel, and up to 64 detectors are connectable through analogue input modules or addressable gas detectors on the RS485 control panel’s loops. 8+8 relay output and up to 128 by O/C Outputs on remote modules. Dedicated output for the parallel printer. 1 RS232 serial port for PC connection. Housed in a robust metal cabinet.
STG/IN8-S2MED 8 input remote module card for MULTISCAN++MED control panel.
STG/OUT16-S2MED 16 Open Collectors output remote module for the MULTISCAN++MED control panel.
STG/8REL Plug and play relay board to be connected to STG/OUT16S to provide 8 relay outputs.

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Multiscan++MED Datasheet 2 MB

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Weight 0.190 kg


Size 500 x W500 x D220 mm (19.69 x 19.69 x 8.66ins)
Power 230 Vac box version
Operating temperature 0 – +55°C
Humidity 15 – 85%
Inputs Max. 64 RS485 communication gas detectors loop connected (IDI version) or 4-20 mA through STG/IN8-S modules
Outputs 8 relays onboard the panel.
128 open collectors on remote modules
STG/OUT16-S2 .
8-relay board to connect to STG/OUT16-S2 modules
Communication Port RS485 Modbus communication
Event logging The event log can be visualised from the gas panel or by the software
Panel indication Graphic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Approvals EMC, ATEX
Functional Safety SIL2

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