Crowcon Q-Test Gas Test & Calibration

Code: QT-GP
  • Exclusive for Gas-Pro
  • Up to 5 sensors
  • No power option- bump test anywhere

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The Q-Test allows gas testing of Gas-Pro monitors fitted with flammable oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, or sulphur dioxide sensors. As configured in the Gas-Pro, Q-Test can bump multiple gases in up to two groups.

Gas (bump) testing exposes each sensor to a known gas concentration to ensure it responds correctly.

Regularly gas-testing portable monitors ensures that the sensors are performing correctly and allows users to recognise alarms (visual, audible and tactile).

Passing the test promotes confidence while failing it signals the need for calibration or, in some instances, service.

When used with a trigger regulator, the cost of gas testing is low, taking only 12 seconds to complete a 5-gas test (CO, H2S, O2, CH4, CO2).

Order Information

QT-GP-00-XX Unpowered Q-Test
QT-GP-01-XX Power ready Q-Test
QT-GP-02-XX Power-ready Q-Test with multi-region power supply (100-240V 50/60Hz)
QT-GP-03-XX Power-ready Q-Test with vehicle power supply (9-30Vdc)
Replace the XX with the chosen regulator
ZZ No regulator
R1 0.5l/min fixed flow regulator with on/off valve
R2 0.5l/min fixed flow trigger regulator
R3 0.5l/min fixed flow reactive gas regulator with on/off valve

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Q-Test Datasheet 1 MB

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Weight 0.190 kg


Q- Test Powered Q- Test
Size 88 x 221 x 116mm (3.46 x 8.0 x 4.57 inches) 88 x 240 x 185mm (3.46 x 9.45 x 7.29 inches)
Weight 340g 762g
DIN rail 35mm x 75mm top hat rail (EN 5022, BS5584, DIN 46277-3) With cylinder holder recommended length of DIN is 250mm 35mm x 75mm top hat rail (EN 50022, BS 5584, DIN 43277-3) With cylinder holder recommended length of DIN is 300mm
Gas inlet/ exhaust tube diameter 3mm inside diameter, 5mm outside diameter 3mm inside diameter, 5mm outside diameter
Gas inlet / exhaust 1/1 1/1

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