Carbolite Volatile Matter Furnace VMF 10/6

Code: VMF 10/6
  • Volatile Matter
  • 1000°C
  • Standard Complaint

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Carbolite Volatile Matter Furnace VMF 10/6 1000°C chamber dimensions 100 x 210 x 260mm

This furnace is designed around the requirements of ISO 562:2010, providing quick response times and enhanced temperature. Open spiral elements provide fast heating are surrounded in lightweight insulation, giving rapid heating typically 20 minutes to 900 degC.

Use of a sophisticated algorithm ensures fast recovery of temperature after loading the samples – less than 4 minutes to return to 900 degC +10 degC. At the back of the chamber, Unsheathed Probe Thermocouples can be inserted via Calibration Ports. Access from the back bypasses the electrics eliminating shock risk. The probe Thermocouple can be positioned under each crucible in turn. At the back of the furnace chamber, a chimney or flue is included.

Insulation: Tough refractory brick is used around the doorway, and a SiC floor provides abrasion resistance: lightweight ceramic fibre is used in other areas to ensure the VMF 10/6 ISO heats both rapidly efficiently preventing heat leaking into the room and better cooling.

Door action: A parallel upward movement provides the benefit of removing the hot face insulation from the operator when loading and unloading: when the door is opened, a positive action safety switch automatically isolates the heating elements from the supply to protect the operator from accidental contact with a live heating element.

Power switching: solid-state thyristor-based zero voltage switching and rapid cycle time give smooth and reliable control with minimal electromagnetic emissions.

Maintenance is made easy as the heating elements and thermocouples are easily accessible by the front panel, which is removable.  Diagnostic warning lights are also provided.

Cool & safe outer case temperatures are achieved by natural convection moving air silently and reliably through cooling passages.


  • Crucibles and Lids available
  • Four crucible rack with loading handle
  • Nine crucible rack with loading handle
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Digital communications or nanodac paperless chart recorder to provide documentary evidence of the test procedure
  • Optional calibrated thermocouple probe with digital indicator

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