Carbolite VMF ASTM Volatile Matter Furnace

  • Volatile Matter
  • 1000°C
  • ASTM Standard Complaint

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Carbolite Volatile Matter Furnace VMF ASTM 1000°C  chamber dimensions: Internal Diameter  50 x 100mm

This furnace is designed around the requirements of  ASTM D3175-11  for testing the volatile matter of coal and is a top-loading furnace with access to the chamber by a hinged lid.

The furnace has a 2132 controller fitted as standard and is supplied with crucible wire holder. Corrosion and oxidisation resistant Inconel crucible with a lid to be ordered separately.

Heat up time to the continuous operating temperature of 900°C is 20 minutes, maximum power consumption is 950 watts.

Volatile matter is arrived at by loss in mass excluding moisture when a coal sample is heated, the volatile components discharged are typically hydrocarbons and some sulphur.

The ASTM  test method ascertains the percentage of gaseous products, without moisture vapour, in the analysis sample, which is released under the specific conditions of the test. As the test is empirical, procedures and principles must be followed to the letter to obtain valid results.

  • Over Temperature Protection available
  • For protection a 30 mA (RCD) residual current device is standard
  • Crucibles and lids available, Inconel crucible & lid part number 40-209-010-0020 and holder part number 00329-3-2001 (one supplied as standard).

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