Carbolite STF 16/450 Tube Furnace

Code: STF 16/450
  • Tube Furnace
  • 1600C
  • 450mm Heated Length

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Carbolite Tube Furnace STF 16/450, 1600C, 450mm heated length. Max OD of tube insert 90mm

Carbolite Gero STF stands for Single Zone Tube Furnace available in 1500C or 1600C variations. There is a choice of heated lengths to 180mm, 450mm or 610mm.

Heating is provided by Silicon Carbide elements, which allow fast heating to operating temperature. Furnaces are supplied without a work tube customer may have their own or choose from chemically resistant tubes or other and different lengths dependent on application. Furnaces can be bored to accept a specific diameter as standard accepts 60mm or 90mm outer diameter.  Longer tubes allow clearance from the furnace to support accessories necessary for gas insertion and vacuum deployment. Work tube seals, plugs, gas or vacuum inlets. Please enquire to Norrscope if unsure.  Supplied with Carbolite Gero 301 PID controller with single ramp to setpoint and process timer, optional upgrades that allow programming for ramping and RS232, RS485 or Ethernet connectivity available and data loggers.

STF 16 examples of use Novel materials testing for research, testing of electronic components under vacuum or and inert atmospheres, sensor heat testings for example thermocouples. For applications that require precision uniformity three zone versions are available.

Further Options

Over temperature protection used if furnace has expensive contents or is left unattended for large periods of time

A range of additional work tubes in various lengths and materials quartz, ceramic, metal, end seals and work tube packages is available for use with modified atmosphere and vacuum. Or for simply aiding heat retention.

Pumps are offered for vacuum application: rotary vane pump or turbomolecular pump

Insulation plugs & radiation shields to contain heat loss and enhance uniformity

Electrical configuration 2 or 3 phase electrical supply possible

Hook and strap work tube support

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