Carbolite TF1 & TF3 Tube Furnaces 1600°C

Code: TF1 & TF3 1600°C
  • Single Or Three Zone Tube Furnace Range
  • Maximum Temperature 1600°C
  • Various Heated Lengths Available

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Carbolite Gero TF1, TF3 Tube Furnaces, maximum temperature 1600°C

TF tube furnaces achieve first-class performance with low power consumption and low case temperature due to the use of high-quality heating elements and thermal insulation design. Maximum temperature of 1600 °C is available.

The range includes small and medium case sizes and two heated lengths in each size. The TF1 are single-zone furnaces, and the TF3 are three-zone furnaces which further extend the uniform heated length.

Work tubes with outside diameters of 60 mm and 100 mm can be fitted. The use of an accessory slide-in work tube protects the heating element and is required to support the workpiece.

3-zone TF3 furnaces provide excellent temperature uniformity resulting from division of the heated length into 3-zones with its own controller and thermocouple. Should vacuum or a modified atmosphere be required, it is necessary to use a slide-in work tube of adequate length needed to fit end seals. In some circumstances, a work tube that has different physical or chemical properties may be required.

The benefit of this design is its flexibility; with the use of tube adapters, the same furnace can be used with a variety of tube diameters.

Standard features

  • 1600°C maximum operating temperature
  • Programmable temperature controller with 24 segments
  • TF1 fitted with Carbolite Gero EPC3016P1
  • TF3 fitted with Carbolite Gero CC-T1
  •  Over-temperature controller with independent thermocouple
  •  Ethernet Communications
  • TF1 (1-zone) Heated length range from 180 to 600 mm
  • TF3 (3-zone) Heated lengths of 450 and 600 mm
  • Accepts work tubes with outer diameters from 60 mm up to 100 mm
  • Silicon carbide elements ensure fast heat up and excellent temperature uniformity
  • Horizontal configuration mounted on the control module
  • Furnace body detachable from the control box to allow the use of optional mounting arrangements
  • Control module with a 2-metre cable to furnace with plug and socket


  • A range of sophisticated digital controllers, multisegment programmers and data loggers with digital communication options
  • A range of additional work tubes end seals and work tube packages for use with modified atmosphere and/or vacuum
  • Vacuum packages with a choice of rotary vane pump or turbomolecular pump
  • A wide selection of tube diameters and materials
  • Insulation plugs and radiation shields to prevent heat loss and improve uniformity
  • A vertical mounting stand for the furnace body including bracket for mounting the furnace body to customer’s equipment
  • 4 m long extension cable to give a total 6 m length of cable between furnace body and control box
  • Gas packages with manual valve
  • Gas packages with electrically operated valve for up to 3 gases
Model Max temp °C Furnace Ø mm Heated lengths mm Uniform length ±5°C mm Max Power W
Single Zone
TF1 16/60/180 1600 60 180 100 2500
TF1 16/60/300 1600 60 300 175 4000
TF1 16/100/450 1600 100 450 6000
TF1 16/100/600 1600 100 600 425 7000
Three Zone
TF3 16/100/450 1600 100 450 375 6800
TF3 16/100/600 1600 100 600 460 8000

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