Carbolite CAF Digital Coal Ash Fusibility Furnace

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  • Rationalised
  • Tested up to 12 samples at the same time
  • Digital image recording

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The Carbolite CAF Digital Coal Ash Fusibility Test Furnace is now obsolete, direct replacement here.

  • Heated coal ash samples to a maximum temperature of 1600°C in a controlled atmosphere
  • A maximum of twelve samples could be simultaneously tested
  • Visually recorded the fusion samples for further analysis
  • Furnace work tube was sealed and had a fail-safe gas control system for use with toxic and flammable gases
  • Sliding and rotating door mechanism provided unrestricted access to work tube for loading/unloading samples using the sample loading tool
  • Digital data capture by computer, for accuracy and analysis, freed laboratory technicians to carry out other tasks
  • Start and finish temperatures could be preset with temperature ramp rate adjustable within the published standards’ parameters
  • For overtemperature protection, a separate temperature controller using its own thermocouple and contactor was included

Burning coal using high temperatures produces clink byproduct. Clinkers can be large, causing downtime for cleaning and disposal issues. Coal ash fusibility testing is needed to determine the ash fusibility characteristics of the fuel.

The published standards require that the ash fusion temperature furnace is measured and recorded at four points: the initial rounding of the cone tip, when the cone has softened, when melted to a hemisphere and finally when it flows into a puddle.

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