Carbolite CAF G5 Coal Ash Fusibility Furnace

Code: CAF G5
  • Coal Ash Fusibility Testing Tube Furnace
  • Maximum Temperature 1600°C
  • Process Digitally Recorded

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Carbolite Gero CAF G5 Coal Ash Fusibility Furnace

The CAF G5 features a 79mm internal diameter work tube that can test up to eight samples simultaneously, with a maximum temperature of 1600°c. The software supplied digitally records the tests, with automatic and manual settings so tests can be executed without supervision and reviewed later.  The software has zoom facilities for test analysis and can set temperature, supplied complete with integrated PC and firmware.

Lightweight insulation allows for fast cooling, allowing multiple tests to be run in a day. Six silicon carbide elements provide heating.

Designed to test coal ash fusibility characteristics of the fuel and optionally the determination of biomass or solid recovered fuels testing and conforms to standards: ISO 540:2008; ASDTM D 1857 / D1857M – 04 (2010); DIN 51730:2007-09; DD CEN/TS 15370-1:2006 (biomass) and PD CEN/TR 15404:2010 (solid recovered fuels – SRF). A work tube with inbuilt lighting system is an option when testing low initial deformation temperature of SRF or biomass samples.

When coal is combusted in a power plant’s furnace the heat is generated is sufficient to melt its ash which when cooled solidifies into a powder-shaped residue or a glassy slag (clinker) forms and must be removed, large coal furnaces suffer from clinker build-up with expensive maintenance due to closure for removal of clinker. If the fusibility characteristics are known, control of temperature can avoid clinker formation.

Ash fusibility testing is designed to simulate coal ash behaviour as closely as possible when heated in either a reducing or an oxidising atmosphere, giving data indicating temperatures for sintering, melt and flow.


  • Default software settings and individual analysis form for coal ash, biomass and SRF
  • The operator can set recorded images from every 1°C increment to every 20°C. The maximum interval for auto analysis is 5°C.
  • One configurable grid assigned to each test piece
  • Flow meters for oxidising, reducing gas flow
  • Gas Inlets for reducing, oxidising & purge gasses
  • Gas Tight Sealed for safety and controlled atmosphere retention
  • Oxidising or reducing gas selection switch
  • Supplied Controller with auto-programming
  • Oxidising or reducing gas selection switch

Supplied as standard

  • Sample carrier x 1
  • Sample tiles x 100
  • Sample loading tool x 1
  • Test piece mould x 1 (coal ash)
  • Test piece mould and hand press x 1 (biomass & SRF)
  • External mounting proprietary CO alarm x 1

Models all fitted with 3508P1 programmable temperature control (up to 20 segments)


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