Carbolite CAF 16/38 Coal Ash Fusibility Furnace

Code: CAF 16/38
  • Coal Ash Fusibility Furnace
  • Maximum Temperature 1600°C
  • Process Manually Recorded

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Carbolite Gero CAF 16/38 Coal Ash Fusibility Furnace has a maximum temperature of 1600°C and an internal work diameter of 38mm. The furnace is designed to test coal ash fusibility according to BS ISO 540:2008. It can test one sample at a time, the process is observed using the viewing port and the telescope supplied with trunion arm. For an automated recording of the process, use the CAF G5 model.

Featuring a sliding and rotating door providing easy tube access for sampling loading.  The controller can be programmed to reach the test starting temperature, a rate of 8°C/min is recommended.  Once the desired temperature is reached, swing the telescope into place and observe, recording the fusion temperature. Silicon carbide elements provide furnace heating.

The inner work tube is sealed for H2, reducing the gas atmosphere, supplied with a fail-safe gas control mechanism for toxic and inflammable gas mixtures.  Features reducing gas 50% (v/v) H2 + 50% (v/v) CO2, Oxidising gas CO2, Purge gas CO2.

Accessories included

  • Sample holder
  • Mounting tiles
  • Loading tool

External dimensions are 700 x 505 x 650mm.; maximum power is 4800 watts. Electrical supply 220-240 volts plus neutral.

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