ABB Furse LK207 Earth Bars

Code: LK207
  • Pre-drilled fixing holes included for easy installation
  • Designs to meet most installation requirements
  • Range 6-12 way

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LK207 earth bars efficiently and conveniently provide a common earth point, and integral disconnecting links allow easy isolation for testing purposes. Available in various lengths, in copper or tinned copper bars with M10 stainless steel termination fixings.

Features & Benefits

  • Unlike the traditional galvanised steel channel, the plastic channel base is highly corrosion-resistant and made from high-impact uPVC.
  • The use of a modern polymer channel base has reduced the weight of the products, making them lighter and easier to handle.
  • The hard-drawn, high-conductivity copper earth bars are available in either bright copper or tin-plated finish..


Standard Furse earth bars are available in a variety of lengths, but all consist of a 50 mm wide by 6 mm thick copper or tinned copper bar with M10 stainless steel termination screws – standard product codes are provided.

Standard copper or tinned copper earth bars meet the majority of applications. However, when a customer has a specific requirement, we can design and manufacture special earth bars and disconnecting links. Special earth bar designs are provided for customer review and approval before manufacture.

Special earth bar design variables include:

  • Size and type of bolt, hex nut and washer
  • Length, width and thickness of earth bar
  • Number of disconnecting links and their position
  • Number of insulators
  • Supplied with mounting base or without
Part No. ABB Order Code Description Length (MM) Weight Each (KG) Certification
Earth Bar with stainless steel fixings and twin disconnecting links
Copper earth bar
LK207-6SS 7TCA083670R1263 6 way 550 2.80 BS 7430
LK207-8SS 7TCA083670R1265 8 way 650 3.20 BS 7430
LK207-10SS 7TCA083670R1259 10 way 800 3.80 BS 7430
LK207-12SS 7TCA083670R1261 12 way 900 4.20 BS 7430
Tinned copper earth bar
LK207-6TSS 7TCA083670R1271 6 way 550 2.80 BS 7430
LK207-8TSS 7TCA083670R1270 8 way 650 3.20 BS 7430
LK207-10TSS 7TCA083670R1269 10 way 800 3.80 BS 7430
LK207-12TSS 7TCA083670R1268 12 way 900 4.20 BS 7430

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