TSI PAN341 Airflow Duct Leakage Tester

Code: PAN341
  • Positive and negative duct testing in one rig
  • Portable
  • Automatically calculates leakage rate in real-time

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The TSI PAN341 is a Positive and Negative Duct Accreditation (Panda 341) system. Designed to test for air leakage in ducts, gauge the performance and efficiency of duct systems enabling compliance with European  EN12237, EN1507, EUROVENT 2/2 and USA  SMACNA standards. Part of the Airflow instruments range.

The PAN341 is the same as the PAN315 but includes, in addition, a TA465-P Multi-Function Instrument and PVM610 Micromanometer.

Used for research and development and by commissioning engineers and contractors.


  • Energy savings by testing and minimising duct leaks
  • Unique performance and fan speed control charge up of duct system to test static pressure within minutes
  • Accuracy is ± 2.5% of volume flow
  • Simultaneous displays flow leakage rate and static pressure
  • Gives a pass/fail indication for a given tightness class
  • Automatically corrects actual volume flow leakage rate to Standard Temperature & Pressure (STP)
  • Monitors barometric pressure and temperature in real-time
  • Stores data that can be downloaded for report generation and documentation
  • Compatible with 8934 portable printer
  • Replaces PAN231 model

Standard compliance

  • EN13779 Ventilation for Buildings—Achieve good air quality with acceptable installation and running costs
  • EN12237 Ventilation for Buildings—Ductwork Strenght and Leakage of Circular Sheet Metal Ducts
  • EN12237 Ventilation for Buildings—Test procedures with measuring methods
  • HVCA DW/143 Ventilation for Buildings—Guidance document for Ductwork leakage testing
  • EUROVENT 2/2 Air Leakage Rate in Sheet Metal Air Distribution Systems
  • SMACNA Sheet Metal And Air Conditioning Contractors National Association

The PAN341 is unavailable in the USA and replaces models PAN321 and PAN311 from the TSI PAN300 series.



  • 1,130 mm x 660 mm x 600 mm (44.5 in. x 26 in. x 23.5 in.) Carrying weight of 45kg (99lbs)
  • The trolley includes wheels to transport
  • Total Weight 55 kg (121 lbs.)

Pressure Measurement (PVM610)

  • Range ± 3,735 Pa (± 15 in. W.G.)
  • Resolution 0.1 Pa (0.001 in. W.G.)
  • Accuracy 1% of reading ± 1 Pa (± 0.005 in. W.G.)
  • Actual Duct Static Range ± 2,500 Pa (± 10 in. W.G.) at Zero Flow

Volume Flow Measurement (TA465-P)

  • Wilson Radial Flow Grid High leakage range: 10 to 200 l/s (36 to 720 m3/hr, 21 to 424 cfm)
  • 15 mm Conical Inlet Low leakage range: 1 to 13 l/s
  • Nozzle Adapter (3.6 to 46.9 m3/hr, 2 to 27.5 cfm)
  • Resolution 0.01 l/s (0.01 m3/hr, 0.01 cfm)
  • Accuracy ± 2.5% of reading or ± 0.01 l/s (± 0.04 m3/hr, ± 0.02 cfm), whichever is greater

Temperature Measurement (TA465-P)

  • K Type To EN60584 (IEC 584)
  • Thermocouple Probe

Barometric Pressure Measurement (TA465-P)

  • Range 690 to 1,241 hPa (517.5 to 930.87 mm Hg, 20.36 to 36.648 in. Hg)
  • Accuracy ± 2% of reading

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Model Description
PAN341 Duct leakage tester with instruments, 230v. Includes TA465-P and

PVM610 Micromanometer

PAN341-NB Duct leakage tester with instruments, 230v. Includes TA465-P-NB and

PVM610 Micromanometer

PAN341-110 Duct leakage tester with instruments, 110v. Includes TA465-P and

PVM610 Micromanometer

PAN341-110-NB Duct leakage tester with instruments, 110v. Includes TA465-P-NB and

PVM610 Micromanometer

PAN315 Duct Leak Tester (+/-) with no instruments, 230V
PAN315-110 Duct Leak Tester (+/-) with no instruments, 110V
6002638 Duct Adaptor Assembly, PANDA
6002667 102 I/D x 4000 LG P2 Gen Flexiduct
6002598 Low Flow Nozzle Assembly, PANDA
6002607 Cam Lock Hose Fitting, PANDA
6002683 Bandclamp (Protex 27HGR070-115ZN)
AFL9020004 Silicone tubing, red (50m rolls)
AFL9020005 Silicone tubing, blue (50m rolls)
AFL82859201 Thermocouple Probe
AFL9004167 Smoke pellets (tube of 6)
AFL71549801 Smoke cap holder
AFL82859401 Barbed Reducer 6 x 4
AFL72888001 PANDA Flow Verification Collar
AFL62889101 PANDA Silicon Gasket 4mm
AFL62889102 PANDA Silicon Gasket 5mm
AFL62889103 PANDA Silicon Gasket 6mm

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