Techne SBS-4 Precision Fluidised Bath F932D

Code: F932D & F932P
  • Safe dry, inert, nontoxic aluminium oxide
  • Temperatures up to 600°C
  • Requires (9 kg) of brown sand (01184-63)

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The Techne SBS-4 fluidised F932D bath by Cole Parmer can be used for heat-treating processes, temperature sensor calibrations and electrical component testing. Offering a safe alternative to high-temperature oil and salt baths.

The bath can be bench mounted or floor standing and requires an electrical and air supply of approximately three cu ft/minute at about three psi pressure; for operation. Air passes through the mass of the aluminium oxide (Alundum) particles via a porous plate in the unit’s base, separating the individual particles and suspending them in free air, giving liquid bath properties.

The inert, nonflammable aluminium oxide will not corrode your sample vessels or produce toxic fumes. Vessels of all shapes can be quickly immersed and safely removed from the bath without the hazard and mess of hot oils. Make temperature adjustments via a control knob and a reference dial.

Heaters are fitted within the bath, which allows temperatures of 500°C. Both models in the range feature a stainless-steel inner container insulated from the outer wall, a safety air pressure switch to protect against loss of air pressure and a thermal cut-out.

The TC-9D temperature controller needs to be ordered separately, model F937P. Supplied with airflow meter includes UK, US and EU plugs.

Temperature range 50°C to 500°C
Temperature stability at 50°C ±1°C
Heat time 20°C to maximum 60 minutes
Cool down time maximum to 200°C 180 minutes
Air pressure kPa (psi) 21 (3)
Maximum flow Litres minute 57
Nominal heater power at 240V (W) 1500  2x 750W Heaters
Weight of medium required 9 Kg
Working volume Diameter x depth (mm) 178 x 140
Diameter (excluding tap) x height (mm) 335 x 462
Shipping Weight (Kg) 24
Description Fluidised sand bath systems; temperature range; 50-600°C


01184-02: F932D  SBS-4 precision fluidised bath, 500°C including overspill flange (excluding alundum) (230V)
01184-00: F932P  SBS-4 precision fluidised bath, 500°C including overspill flange (excluding alundum) (120V)


F7807 Basket stainless steel
F119D Air compressor, 220/240V 50Hz
F5915 Air pressure regulator/filter
F1116 Overspill Flange
BROWN/ALO Alundum, aluminium oxide fluidising medium

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