Techne IFB-52 Industrial Fluidised Bath FIFB52D

Code: FIFB52D
  • Temperatures up to 600°C
  • No tool damage or abrasion in cleaning
  • 12-litre capacity
  • Safe, efficient and cost-effective

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The Techne IFB-52 fluidised FIFB52D bath by Cole Parmer is a sand bath for heat treatment, cleaning, temperature calibrations, and reactive analysis (exothermic and endothermic reactions). The working diameter is 259mm, with a depth of 660mm.

The sand bath will remove most polymers from tooling, including PVC, PET, PTFE, and PEEK, without abrasion to the tool or mold. Parts immersed in the bath are cleaned by the high temperature (up to 600°C) environment within a bath media of fluidised aluminium oxide that instantly starts to degrade plastic to carbon, which then leaves the bath as CO2. Baskets are available for cleaning small parts.

All baths require a dry air supply or an inert gas such as nitrogen and argon. Each unit comes with a front panel flowmeter to adjust airflow with settings for optimal flow per temperature. Note: When cleaning parts, baths should be operated in a hood or a well-ventilated area. Extraction collar and fans are available to ensure proper removal of fumes.

Suitable for cleaning of tooling, components, systems and parts (dies, breaker plates, nozzles, tools, tips, spinnerets, extruder screws, manifolds, etc.) The bath will remove almost all polymers, including plastic, paint, epoxy, rubber and adhesives, and other hydrocarbon-based products such as oils, fluids, grease, lubricants and coatings.

This instant heating and minimised quenching gives shorter cleaning times than conventional ovens. The even and consistent heat of the bath significantly reduces metal fatigue and tool damage.

Typical cleaning times range from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on bath loading, temperature and amount of material to be cleaned.

Applications include tempering, annealing, nitriding, distillation, curing, exothermic and endothermic reactions, and thermal analysis of devices, components and materials.

  • Fast cleaning minimises production equipment downtime
  • Dry, inert, nontoxic aluminium oxide is a safer alternative than dangerous chemicals or solvents
  • Sand sold separately
Temperature range 50°C to 600°C
Stability at 450°:C ±1°C
Display resolution °C
Type of control Three-terms PID
Sensor type K type thermocouple
Air pressure kPa (psi) 170 to 1030 (25 to 150)
Air Consumption L:min at Ambient (max) 115
Air Consumption L:min at 450°:C (max) 48
Heat up time 20°:C to 450°:C 210 minutes
Heat up time 20°:C to 600°:C 240 minutes
Power consumption (kW) 6
Net weight (Kg) 84
Weight inc alundum (Kg) 157
Overall size L x W x H (mm) 1041 x 609 x 533

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01184-20: FIFB52D Industrial Fluidised Bath IFB-52 (230V) fluidised bath with flowmeter and temp controller, load capacity 12 litres (excludes collar, basket, lid and alundum)


7031658 basket for use without collar
7031659 deep basket for use with the collar
F5915 filter/regulator
F6156  lid
F6157 extraction collar
BROWN/ALO Alundum, aluminium oxide fluidising medium, 25KG

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