Techne FB-08 Precision Fluidised Bath F949

Code: F949D & F949J
  • Fluidised bath 50°C to 700°C
  • More efficient/cost-effective than ovens & salt baths
  • Nonabrasive to any devices or parts inserted

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The Techne FB-08 fluidised F949 bath by Cole Parmer is for critical temperature calibrations and heat treatment processing. The units are suitable for many applications, including thermal testing of sensitive components such as semiconductor devices, wire products, and delicate transducers.

They can also be used as a constant temperature environment for chemical reactions. Due to their exceptional temperature uniformity and fast temperature immersions, the processing time is between two to three minutes per item for immersion in the bath, followed by quenching in a cold fluid. Because the fluidised bed is a fine dry powder, it does not have the surface tension effects of liquid baths and does not wet any objects immersed in it. The primary electrical insulating property of the aluminium oxide used in the baths is not affected by fluidisation, making it possible to conduct electrical measurements on immersed objects such as assembled printed circuit boards.

Used to carry out shape setting (heat treatment processing) of Stents from Nitinol wire safely, precisely controlled and uniformly. Platinum/tungsten products are now also being processed successfully.

There are two versions, the standard FB-08 offers manual control of fluidised air, and the FB-08C model includes an automatic fluidising air control plus an RS232 interface for remote user control by a PC.  The software allows automatic switching on and off, temperature control with up to 20 setpoints with ramping capability, data logging interval adjustment (between 5 to 60 seconds); results can be sent to Excel.

  • Units offer fast temperature immersions as the fluidised alumina behaves like a liquid
  • The digital display indicates setpoint value and actual bath temperature
  • A safer alternative to salt baths, better results than ovens
  • Ideal for calibrating and testing irregularly shaped temperature sensors
  • Complete with built-in dust extraction and collection

Additional options

Probe holder accessory for comparison calibrations of temperature sensors, the stability and uniformity are better than 0.010°C in dead bed mode.

Dust suppression system FFB08DS1 provides a bolt-on probe holder and chimney assembly, thus sealing the FB-08 and making it suitable for use in a calibration lab where airborne dust must be avoided. The user can insert temperature probes for calibration purposes while all aluminium oxide is fully contained within the bath. This accessory also allows silent running of the FB-08. The integrated chimney includes a filter in the upper section and a small exhaust pipe right at the top to prevent pressure build-up. The FFB08DS1 is the best solution for calibrating probes in a fluidised bath within a calibration laboratory.

Temperature range 50°C to 700°C
Short Term Temperature stability at 50°C ±0.2°C
Short Term Temperature stability at 600°C ±0.3°C
Long Term Temperature stability at 50°C ±0.5°C
Long Term Temperature stability at 600°C ±0.5°C
Display resolution °C
Type of control Three terms PID
Sensor type K type thermocouple
Heat up time 20°C to 700°C 105 minutes
Cool downtime 700°C to 200°C 165 minutes
Air pressure kPa (psi) 420 (60)
Maximum flow Litres minute 127
Nominal heater power at 240V (W) 3000
Weight of medium 16
Working volume Diameter x depth (mm) 165 x 385
Overall size L x W x H (mm) 770 x 515 x 600
Net weight 76 kg


12184-03: F949D Precision Fluidised Bath FB-08 230v (was F949T) fluidised bath with temperature controller, 1-point calibration cert (excludes alumina)

12184-94: F949J Precision Fluidised Bath FB-08C 230v (50/60Hz) fluidised bath with probe plate, temperature controller, auto airflow (excl. basket and alumina)


F7759 probe plate
FFB08PR1 Probe Holder for FB-08/C/LT Ø8mm x 281mm deep x 8 off bores
FFB08PR2 Probe Holder for FB-08/C/LT Ø1/8″ + 1/4″ + 3x4mm + 5mm + 6mm + 7.5mm x 300mm deep bores
FFB08DS1 Dust Suppression System to seal FB-08C
FFB08FL1 Spare filters for FFB08DS1
F5915 Air pressure regulator/filter
F120D  Air compressor for FB-08C
WHITE/ALO Chromatographic alumina for FB-08 series, 25KG

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