Stuart W4000 Merit Water Still

Code: WS-100-4
  • High Purity Cold Distilled Water
  • Entry Level Model
  • Operate With Tap Water

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The Stuart W4000 Merit Water Still by Cole Parmer produces four litres of single distilled water in one hour. A basic model ideal for educational or laboratory applications. Both the condenser and boiler are made from borosilicate glass. Designed to last, the metal heater is chromium-plated. Two safety thermostats prevent overheating should the water supply be interrupted. The condenser ensures distilled droplets have extended contact with the cooling coil, giving cold distilled water and pre-heating the boiler feed providing energy-saving.

Included is an acid addition funnel and stopcock for draining descaling chemicals; both remove the need for dismantling glassware during cleaning.

Water connections are screw thread and plastic 3/8″ ID hose barb fittings to make hose changes easy and avoid glassware breakage.

W4000 outputs 4 litres per hour of single distilled water. The stand has pre-drilled holes for a choice of wall mounting.

Technical Details

  • Output 4 Litres per hour single distilled
  • pH 5.0 – 6.5
  • Conductivity, 3.0 – 4.0 µ Scm-1
  • Resistivity 0.25 – 0.3 mOhm-cm
  • Temperature 25 – 35 °C
  • Pyrogen free
  • Water supply 1 litre per minute, 3-100psi, (20-700kPa)
  • Maximum power, 3kW
  • Ingress protection 31
  • Size W 50 x D 15 x H 45 cm

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New product code: WS-100-4 Water Still (specifications unchanged)
WZ-99295-06 W4000/Euro 220VAC
WZ-99295-08 W4000 230VAC
WZ-99295-02 W4000 110VAC

Formerly supplied by Bibby Scientific.

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