Stuart US151 Stirrer

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Stuart US151 Stirrer by Cole Parmer has plate dimensions of 150mm by 150mm. The Stainless Steel plate does not produce eddy currents which insure strong coupling and stirring. Durable it can withstand knocks. The stirrer design allows minimal bench space use and easy storage.  Further space-saving is enabled by the hollow base design which enables a retort to be slotted underneath the stirrer.

Stirring is initiated by a motor and powerful magnets providing speeds operator adjustable between 100-2000rpm.  Capable of mixing volumes up to 15 litres in capacity.

Operated by an analogue dial at the front of the stirrer.  Supplied complete with power cord, retort rod attachment fitting and 2 x 25mm in length PTFE coated stir bars.

Formerly supplied by Bibby Scientific.

Ordering Information

US151 230VAC stock code   WZ-04805-15 (60hz)WZ-04805-13 (50hz)
US151 120VAC stock code  WZ-04805-11


SR1 Retort rod, 600 x 12mm stock code WZ-04805-91

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Additional information

Weight0.09 kg



Plate Material

Stainless steel

Plate Dimensions, mm

150 x 150

Stirrer speed, rpm

100 – 2000

Max. stirring capacity, L *


Dimensions (w x d x h), mm

172 x 248 x 109

Net weight, kg


Electrical supply

230V, 50Hz, 50W

IP Rating


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